1. First Time Walkers

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First Time Walkers

We would like to extend an invitation to you to join us for two or three walks and, if you like what we do, we will then encourage you to formally join Ramblers.  If you are new to walking we recommend that you start off with shorter walks, say 4 or 5 miles, and build up to longer ones as your fitness levels increase.

What you will need to start with:

  • Comfortable walking boots for longer walks, although trainers are OK for shorter walks in the dryer summer months.

  • A good pair of walking socks, they seem expensive but they can make all the difference to your comfort and they also last for ages.

  • Warm comfortable clothing; denim jeans are not recommended as they do not dry easily if they get wet.

  • A waterproof jacket.

  • A drink.

  • Packed lunch if you are likely to be out the whole day.

  • A small back pack to hold your packed lunch and spare clothing. 

What you can expect on a walk:

The Leader will have researched the walk beforehand so once you have booked onto a walk and received confirmation from the Leader, all you need to do is turn up at the time and place specified and enjoy the walk. 

If you have any questions do speak to the Leader who should be able to help you. 

How long a walk takes obviously depends on distance but also on terrain, weather and number of people.  Typically you can calculate on an average speed of around 2 miles an hour spread across the day including stops, so a 6 mile walk should take around 3 hours.

Our group of friendly walkers assures that there will always be someone to talk to.