2. Walks - How to join our walks

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Walks:  Here are some pointers to help you on your way:

  • Our walks are arranged in complaince with current  Ramblers guideline

  • The Walk Leader will keep a record of the names and contact details of everyone on the walk for 21 days in case they are needed by NHS Tracing Services.  After 21 days this information will be destroyed.

  • All walks are undertaken at the walker's own risk.

  • Please note that the start time varies for each walk. 

  • If a walk has to be cancelled for any reason it will be recorded as such on the introductory page of our website so please check before leaving home.  

  • Train services are often suspended at weekends so do check times carefully.

  • If you are unsure about any aspect of the walk do contact the Leader who will be able to able to advise you.

  • New to walking?  You are welcome to come on two or three walks before joining Ramblers.  Click here to find out how to join on-line.

  • While we are anxious to reduce our carbon footprint, COVID19 currently limits our use of car sharing.

On the day:

  • Only turn up for a walk if you have received confirmation of your booking, the Walk Leader will have the right to refuse to let anyone join the walk who has not booked.

  • Remember to take your own hand sanitiser, face covering and first aid kit.

  • Do listen to, and comply with, advice given by the Walk Leader.

  • Enjoy your walk.

To follow up:

  • Would you like to try leading a walk?  It's not difficult and other Walk Leaders are on hand to help.  Find out what is involved by emailing our Walks Co-ordinator,

  • Talking Rubbish: We have all noticed the litter in the undergrowth recently.  Did you know it can take at least two years for banana an orange skins to decompose fully, 75 years for a crisp packet, at least 1000 years for drinks cans and plastic bottles.  Lets all do our bit for our countryside and take it home with us.  Thank you.