Our Walks

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From where we live on the edge of London, we have easy access to lovely countryside in Hertfordshire, the Chilterns and Essex. Occasionally we do urban walks, exploring our local area or other parts of London.

Our walks are as varied as our leaders, but most of them are of moderate difficulty (country walking, with undulating to hilly terrain) and at a fairly purposeful walking pace rather than a gentle stroll (around 2½-3 miles an hour on level ground). If you haven't done much walking for a while, we'd recommend that you start with one of our short or social walks.

Long walks: A full-day circular walk of between 11 and 14 miles. These Sunday walks usually start at 10am and aim to finish by 4pm or 5pm. While we may stop near a pub around lunchtime for a drink, there will not be sufficient time to get something to eat, so please bring a packed lunch, as well as plenty of water. 

Short walks: A half-day circular walk of between 5 and 8 miles. These Sunday walks usually start at 10am and aim to finish between mid-day and 1.30pm. Please bring a snack and plenty of water.

Mid-week walks: A leisurely social walk of 3 to 4 miles in High Barnet or Trent Park. These twice-monthly Wednesday walks usually start at 10am and finish at mid-day. We also occasionally organise mid-week long and short walks.