Minutes of Royston Ramblers AGM
Friday 16th October 2020

via Zoom

Present: (28) Viv Brown, Ruth Katz, David Allard, Alan Ellis, Mike Flexmore, Lesley Abbiss
Margaret Addicott, Anne Clark, Alan Cooper, Nick Everington, Sylvia Fuller, Jackie & Ken
Garland, Keith Garner, Jenny Gilson, Peter Grice, Rita Hawkins, Lesley & John Heap, Sue
Hedges, Marion Hughes, Frank Martin, Christine Prove, Mike Scriven, Christine Sherriff,
Derek Slade, Sue Toule, Rama Vindlacheruvu
Welcome. Viv welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained it would be recorded to
assist with minuting decisions with the understanding that the recording would be deleted
once the minutes had been written. There were no objections.
Apologies: David Marsh, Marion Smith, Jane Malins
Minutes of 2019 AGM. These were unanimously agreed. Proposed by Mike Flexmore,
Seconded by David Allard.
Matters arising. None
Chairman's Report. We enjoyed a varied winter walks programme covering vast swathes
of Bedfordshire and Essex, Cambridgeshire and Herts, as far afield as Felixstowe. There
were more than 61 walks between November 3rd and March 19th, attracting everincreasing
numbers of participants, as many as 40 on midweek walks. Additional short walks by Roger Gomm were well-attended.
A huge thank you to all walk leaders and all that it involves with new measures in place.
We have managed a good rolling programme of walks since restarting in September which
are advertised on the website. It is pleasing to note that we are still attracting new
members. Anyone who has not led a walk should refer to the Committee so that they can
be added to the register of walk leaders at Central Office for insurance coverage.
Viv thanked Mike for suggesting that a note be put out to possible leaders, Alan Cooper for
his work on the website, David Allard for compiling the Sunday walks, Roger Gomm for
leading the short walks, Margaret Addicott for the Christmas party at Reed and Roger &
Mary Gomm for the quiz (unfortunately, there will be no party this year), Ruth Katz for
suggesting the Zoom sessions and the Committee members for their support in
challenging times.
Treasurer's Report. Figures independently examined and approved by Peter Grice. Our funds generally remain under control and are in a pretty robust state. The activities of the Group have been severely curtailed by the impact of the corona virus. The summer coach outing had to be cancelled with the loss of a £50 deposit, and no summer programme was printed. The report was agreed. Proposed by David, seconded by Viv.
Footpath Secretary's Report. The paths generally seem to be in a fairly good state and
not too much adversely affected by the pandemic. Discussions are ongoing regarding
linking of footpaths through the Newsells Estate. New housing development in Royston
and construction work on Little Hadham bypass have led to footpath diversions.
Area Report. Covid was the focus of much of the discussions. The Area Walk and Picnic
at Chipperfield had to be cancelled. It was hoped to hold it next year. Date to be
Election of officers. John Heap proposed that the Committee and Independent Examiner
be reinstated en bloc. Seconded by Lesley Heap. Agreed unanimously.
AOB Rita reported that she had checked whether members living in high risk areas would
be able to travel outside that area to join our walks. Currently such action is allowable.
She suggested that members keep a check on Government guidelines and updates from
Next AGM Wednesday 13th October 2021 (tbc nearer the time).
John & Lesley Heap thanked Viv for doing a good job.
Meeting closed at 20.10.

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