1) Committee meeting 16th January

Present: Viv, Mike, Lesley, David, Alan, Ruth
Viv welcomed everyone and suggested we could arrange to meet at different Committee members’ houses on a rolling process.
Minutes of last meeting: Agreed.
Minutes need to be agreed (by email) before they are put on the website.
Matters arising:
Keep with Doodle software for booking walk dates
There was an impromptu meeting on July 4th 2019 at which Viv proposed a new post of deputy chair – Mike F agreed to stand in.
Regarding the appointment of the post of chairman, Viv suggested we could institute a rolling programme of Chair standing for 2 years at a time (excluding Treasurer and Secretary). Entice new people onto the Committee and someone who has been on the Committee for 2 years can take on the role of chair. Co-opt new members as necessary.
On the issue of low turnout at AGMs, discussed at the last meeting, Ruth suggested that we could try to attract more people by holding the AGM after a morning walk. Nuthampstead was felt to be a good option, as it has the space for holding the meeting as well as the facilities for post-walk refreshments. It was agreed that a proposal would be put to the next AGM for discussion and that before that we would email the membership to raise the idea so that they could consider it in advance.
Treasurer’s report:
Alan E presented budget projection for 2020.
Christmas lunch 7th December 2019 made a provisional net surplus of £6.50.
Ramblers Worldwide Holidays commissions – none received this year.
David A had been on a RWH in October (paid last April)
Margaret Addicott has provisionally booked Reed VH 5th December 2020 for Xmas do.
£245.00 left in social fund
Footpath Secretary’s Report:
Nothing significant to report.
Summer coach outing
Brian Wiles – need to fill coach (made a loss again last year) Alan E to get quote for coach for this year’s outing on 7th June
Viv asked whether the morning 4 mile circular walk be slightly longer – Mike to ask Brian. Need to check picking up / dropping off points for the day.
Printing of programmes
Alan E – put out to tender
Current programme print run cost £149 at Bassingbourn compared to previous print run at Hales £121.Alan C to email Alan E to explain requirements and send PDF formatting / pages etc.
Mike F – reminded that Roger Gomm had paid for wine prize for Xmas quiz – Alan E to give cash – sign statement to say it had been paid for.
Viv – Nick Everington and Jackie Rogger asked the Committee to consider the issue of publicising our walks in Doctors’ Surgeries and Health Centres, as well as the possibility of ourselves providing shorter walks of 1 – 3 miles to encourage people to walk for their health. It was felt that as there are many organisations already providing shorter walks, there was no need to duplicate their efforts. However, we agreed we could do more to publicise our existing short walks. Viv and Ruth to take forward.
Viv noted that the Melbourn Hub currently had no walk programmes, although it had agreed in the past to publicise our walks. David said he would supply copies of the programme for Viv to take to the Hub.
Civil Liability Insurance document – good practice for leaders
Reminder from leaders at start of walk concerning status of terrain, any change of details, appoint a back marker when there are large numbers.
Dates of next meetings:
Committee Meeting Tuesday 7th April 2020
Committee Meeting Friday 9th October 2020
AGM Friday 16th October – Room 11, Royston Town Hall
Meeting closed at 20.50