2) Committee meeting 29th June

Held via Zoom
Present: Vivienne Brown, David Allard, Alan Ellis, Ruth Katz, Lesley Abbiss, Mike Flexmore
Viv summarised the current position regarding re-starting official led walks:
  • Maximum of 6 people, meaning 1 leader and 5 walkers
  • Physical distancing rules to be observed
  • Booking system required
  • No car-sharing
  • Walk advertised publicly and must include booking instructions, leader’s contact details, info about distancing, hygiene measures, car parking arrangements, what to bring
  • Risk assessment including Covid-19 must be undertaken by all leaders
She stated that Royston Ramblers currently has a largely incomplete walk programme publicised on our website from July to the end of October. All July walks are marked as cancelled. Advice from Ramblers is not to plan 3-6 month programmes at this stage. In this context she asked for views on removing the walks programme from the website altogether.
She said it seemed unlikely we would be able to plan unrestricted walks for some considerable time. We therefore need to consider what to put in place to re-start walks when that time comes, and how long a lead-in time we will need to prepare a programme.
The following views were expressed:
  • re-start our programme when more than 6 walkers are allowed
  • new systems required by Ramblers to lead walks for only 6 people were unnecessarily bureaucratic and not worth putting in place for a temporary period. It would be best to re-start later on, when rules were relaxed
  • encourage people to undertake risk assessments mentally when walking themselves, to get used to the idea of doing this when leading walks and to ensure that future led walks
  • remove the Walks Programme from the website
  • arrange walks in groups of 5 people following 1 leader, with a gap of 1 minute between each group
It was agreed:
  • To remove the Walks Programme from the website, or mark all future walks cancelled
  • To start a new programme no earlier than September, and only then if circumstances supported larger groups and members felt safe and comfortable leading and participating in such walks
  • To seek advice on how to organise a rolling programme of walks, as a temporary measure until we can re-institute our full programme of walks
Next Meeting
      30 June 2020 to consider advice on organisation of program,
and then to be called by the Chairman when new information/arrangements for walks is made public by Ramblers, and/or when decisions need to be taken on re-starting our Programme.