4) Committee Meeting via Zoom 14th July 2021

Present: Viv Brown, David Allard, Alan Ellis, Ruth Katz, Lesley Abbiss

Apologies: None by start of meeting (Mike contacted Viv after the start of the meeting reporting technical difficulties).

Minutes of last meeting (29th March) were agreed.

Matters Arising – re Royston Crow Trail, Viv received a nice reply to her email from Rod Taylor (the organiser).

Treasurer's Report – this year's accounts show two receipts relating to basic funding from Area and nil expenditure. Area have requested that a full set of papers needs to be submitted for next year's budget. Alan proposed to base this on the last 'normal' year's accounts and using the wording we used the last time we completed the full pack.

Footpath Secretary's Report – David has reported two problems online at the Cambridgeshire County Council website regarding damaged footpath signs at Wendy and Croydon. Viv also reported a problem at Gamlingay regarding an obscured footpath through a property.

Area Reps Report – no report

Walks programme – Viv restated latest advice from Ramblers to which Royston Group already adheres: written risk assessments need to be completed; leaders can choose to limit numbers of participants; walks should be advertised and open to all; and a walk register should be completed. There was a round table discussion with everyone expressing their views. Key points as follows:

  • while not wishing to restrict numbers of participants it was generally agreed that limiting walks to about 20 people made it easier to manage in terms of keeping a steady pace for all, safety in supervising the group and crossing roads, finding suitable parking. It is helpful to have a designated back marker.

  • flexibility in accepting numbers of walkers may depend on individual circumstances, parking and car sharing.

  • a booking system is helpful for keeping a record of numbers of participants. Other activities and events require people to book in advance, so this should not be considered too onerous for walks.


We are still attracting plenty of people on our walks and gaining new members.We could do with more leaders to offer a full programme of walks. There was a brief discussion about reverting to a printed programme. It was decided to leave this for the time being as the situation is still uncertain and continue with the rolling programme on the website.

Area Walks Day – Saturday 9th October at Chipperfield. David to lead 2 walks.

Information to be published on the Area website and sent to groups in August.

Lesley to check with Alan Cooper about putting it on the Royston Group website.

Christmas walk and lunch – Thanks to Margaret Addicott who has booked Reed Village Hall for Saturday 11th December. David volunteered to lead a 3 - 4 mile walk. Lesley volunteered to be the contact for bring and share food.

AOB - None

Date of next meeting – Wednesday 6th October

Date of AGM – Wednesday 13th October 7.30pm. David Allard to investigate the possibility of booking Room 11 at Royston Town Hall and check conditions of cancellation in the event that this might be necessary and email the Committee so a decision can be taken re booking if circumstances permit or holding the meeting via Zoom.

Meeting closed at 6.54pm.