About us

About us
Welcome to the Inverness Group! Fancy walking and exploring the stunning countryside in the Highlands? Then do join us one Saturday or Sunday and try us out. You will find a very warm welcome awaits you plus an exhilarating day in the outdoors!    

Where do we walk?
We walk over a wide area centred on Inverness. As much of this area is wild and mountainous, many of the walks involve rough terrain and considerable ascents. However we do try to balance our programmes and include coastal, forest and other less strenuous walks. A walk is arranged for each week, alternating Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes there is a choice of walks of different grade.

Where do we meet?
UPDATE: FROM 11th March 2017 - - The meeting point for all walks is the car park at the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) Executive Office building on Ness Walk, Inverness. 

What about travelling to the start point for the walk?

Usually members share cars to travel to the start of walks and we try to use as few cars as possible. Passengers make a contribution to costs; the rate is 20p per mile, divided between the number of passengers in the car. Occasionally we use private coaches or car shuttles to allow more flexibility in regard to start and end points of the walks. Anyone who plans to go straight to the start point for the walk MUST let the Walk Leader know beforehand.

What happens if there is bad weather?
In cases of bad weather (whether during the walk or forecast), the Walk Leader will decide whether or not to proceed on a scheduled walk. If necessary and possible, an alternative will be arranged.

What about safety on walks?
Safety is always our first consideration and all walkers are requested not to attempt walks outwith their capabilities. If in doubt, refer to the grading system, and/or discuss with the Walk Leader. Where medical factors could affect a participant’s fitness, the leader must be told before the start of the walk. Walk Leaders and Back Markers carry first aid kits. When signing the attendance sheet at the beginning of the walk, you should give a contact telephone number, not necessarily your own. The Ramblers provide civil liability insurance for Group activities, but the Ramblers and its agents take no responsibility for any loss or injury incurred during their activities.

What should I wear?
Be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions whatever the time of year! It is recommended to take the following clothing: Waterproof jacket and trousers, sweater/fleece, hat, gloves, spare socks. Several light layers of clothing are better than one heavy one as they allow more flexibility. Jeans are not recommended. Equipment should include: Footwear - boots are advisable for the majority of walks - gaiters, rucksack, walking poles/stick, whistle.

Do I need to bring food and drink?
Yes, and take more than you think you will need - don’t get caught out, because most of our walks do not pass by cafes or shops! You should have enough food for the day's walk, and it is advisable to have a hot drink, especially on winter walks. In summer, it is important to have sufficient water to prevent dehydration.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are welcome on walks but MUST BE KEPT ON A LEAD AT ALL TIMES. Dogs should not be allowed to run through the legs of other walkers and they should be kept away from other walkers at refreshment breaks. If dogs are not allowed on a particular walk this will be stipulated in the walk programme.

Do I have to join right away?
New members are always welcome. Membership is not necessary for up to three walks but after that walkers will be expected to join the Ramblers.