If you would like to know more about our group or if you have any queries about the walks, transport, parking, length, dogs, anything at all, simply email them to identifying the walk by date and destination.  The same email address can be used to contact any of the Committee Members below.

If when you are out and about you find a blocked footpath or stile in bad repair please don't use the green button on the right but look on our Group News page for specific contact points within our local councils.


If you have a yen to lead walks, and we hope you will eventually,  then please discuss it with an existing Walk Leader. Instructions on how to set yoursef up on the system and the procedure to  enter walks are to be found in Walk Leader setup .

Important: If you do join Ramblers and want to receive the Bromley printed programme you need to designate Bromley as your group of choice on the membership form - otherwise you may be allocated to another group depending where you live.


Committee Members

  Tony Upson      Group Chairman

   Jane Beckley   Group Secretary

  Anne Clark       Group Treasurer

  Roy Bareham   Webmaster  

   Linda Harland   Programme Secretary

   Peter Boden    Group Footpath Secretary

   Philip Wall       Committee  Member

   Sue Ledger            Membership Secretary



Walks Coordinators

Linda Harland                     All-day Sunday walks

VACANCY                          Short Sunday walks

Sylvia Say                          Saturday walks

Mike Jackson                     Wednesday & Bank Holiday walks

Barbara Phelps                  Other weekday walks