The Ramblers is not just a great walking club. It was founded, and continues to exist, as a campaigning organisation working for the benefit of walkers everywhere. Sometimes our campaigns, like that of the 1990s for freedom to roam mountains. moors,  heaths, and common land, feature strongly in the national media; but all the time they go on quietly in the background, as with our work to encourage the authorities to protect and improve rights of way.

This page exists not only as a resource for our volunteers, but also to enable everyone by examining our records to appreciate the ways in which we continue to support the interests of all walkers and lovers of the countryside.

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AC minutes 18th January 2021

Area Ramblers AGM Minutes 2021

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Area AGM minutes 2019

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Area FP Minutes October 2015

January 2914: Annual General Meeting minutes

January 2014: Annual Report

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October 2014: Penrith Annual General Meeting

June 2014: Group Footpath Reports

July 2014: Kendal Newsletter

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July 2014: Penrith Newsletter

Gordon Walker Chalet


Chalet AGM Minutes 2015

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October 2014: Annual General Meeting

October 2014: Minutes