Leicester & District Group committee members

The Committee consists of 13 members who are elected at the A.G.M. and meet at least 4 times per year.

Chairman - Terry Bates email: chairman@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Vice Chairman and Area Representative - Howard Watmore email: area@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Treasurer - Bob Collins email: treasurer@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Secretary - Charles de Podesta email: secretary@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Minutes Secretary - Anne Bates email: minutesec@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Footpaths Secretary - Steve Crane email: footpaths@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Membership Secretary - Ray Phipps email: membership@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Social Secretary - Tony Richards email: social@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Publicity Secretary - David Wheeler email: publicity@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Records Secretary - Mike Goodrich email: records@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Sunday Coach Secretary - Eileen Pott email: coach@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Programme Secretary - Neil Hunter email: progsec@ramblers-leicester.org.uk

Webmaster - Melanie Smith email:webmaster@ramblers-leicester.org.uk