Late Changes to the Walk Programme

Occasionally the details of a walk change or it may even be cancelled, and this may not be shown on this site or the Chorley web site.
A text based system is provided to advise members of such changes
To be sent a text advising of any walk changes, it is necessary to Register first.
This only needs you to send a text   (try    ML   )  to this number:    07562 356 985
You will receive a welcome message indicating how to get more information or cancel the registration.
After that, any walk change will be advised by a text.
Note that this system covers the whole of the Mid Lancs area walks not just Chorley.
At any time you may text the same number again (any text content) and you will receive one or more texts advising of any current walk changes.
There is no cost for the text messages you receive.
The texts you send will be part of your normal monthly or Pay as you Go contract.
Please note, while we try to get all changes onto this system it cannot be guaranteed. If a walk meeting place is a significant distance from you, it is advisable to check with the walk leader.