Want to Help?

All groups welcome people who can give a little of their time to handle either essential tasks or some of footpath work that groups need to or try to do.

South Ribble has no formal group or "officers". Rather, tasks are handled by individuals who can spare some time. There is no requirement to make a major commitment or take on significant responsibilities. Just help with one or more tasks.

At the moment, there is a need for some helpers to tackle any one or more of these tasks:-

- Once every 4 months, organise collecting walks from leaders to fill the Thursdays over  a 4 month period. Useful to be Organised, good with people, basic IT skill (preferably)

- Once every 4 months, transfer the collected walks onto the Rambler web site and perhaps generate a local record of walks. Comfortable with using established Excel system. (training available)

- Once every 4 months, help distribute the Area programme to members by post.

- Check some of the paths in the South Ribble area.

Plenty of support and guidence available.

Make contact through the "Email: Contact this group". You can expect a prompt response.