Last years Annual General Meeting 2020

To all members

You Will shortly receive a notification about this years AGM 

Due to covid19 restrictions it will not take place as usual 

Reports below from the officers and committee

Hyndburn Ramblers –AGM reports year ending September 2020

Chairperson’s report- coming soon

 Secretary’s report for the year ending 30th September 2020

The Annual General Meeting for the year ending 30th September 2019 was held at Sydney Street Club, Accrington on Monday 11th November 2019.  It was attended by 15 members.

This AGM was a rather sad occasion because it was Sue Baxendale’s last meeting as Hyndburn Group Secretary. A vote of thanks taken to express our gratitude to her for a great many years of loyal service in this role. A gift was presented to her from the Wednesday Walkers.

The position of footpath officer has been vacant for several years but we have been indebted to Nigel Brooke who has combined most footpath officer duties with his official role as publicity officer.  Nigel is now standing down from his roles and a vote of thanks was taken to express our gratitude to him.

The changes to the Committee at this meeting were that I would become Group Secretary, and Christine Tormey would become Publicity Officer.  The role of Footpath Officer remained  vacant, however I am glad to report that since the meeting Jim Fenwick has kindly agreed to become our Footpath Officer.

Following the first coach ramble of 2020 on 5th January to Windermere, our 2020 walks programme got underway with a local walk on the following Sunday.

3 Committee meetings had been planned for 2020 at our new venue of the church lounge at St John’s Church, Baxenden.  The first of these was held on 3rd February, and then by mid March, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a lockdown had begun.   Subsequently, the other 2 meetings planned for June and October could not take place.     

One of the main duties of the Secretary is to prepare minutes of these meetings and then to send them on to Committee members, so in this sense the you could say that I haven’t had too much to do !   Another important task is to keep the Committee informed about news and initiatives from Central Office.  In the early part of the year the main focus of Central Office was the Don’t Lose Your Way Campaign, but as time went on the lockdown and later restrictions became the most important issue.

I have kept myself informed since March with the various bulletins of guidance that have been issued on the Ramblers website;  I have been impressed with their content and the way that Central Office staff has kept up with developments, by letting Ramblers members  know exactly what they could, and couldn’t do.

Finally, I would like to thank our Walks Coordinator Dawn Taylor,  who has kept in touch with members and has worked very hard to keep walks going in what has been so far a very difficult year.    Paul Brown


Walks  report

First of all I would like to thank all walk leaders for their excellent work in this an exceptional year.

 We started as usual with our Sunday programme and the Wednesday groups walking regularly come rain or shine! I remember Dave Rawson’s walk on 22 March very well as it would be our last Sunday walk as a group for 4 months. The day after came the awful news that we could not walk together.  We were ‘allowed’ to go out walking in households but woe- betide if you met anyone else.  Fortunately the weather was very kind to us during lockdown and I am sure everyone enjoyed exploring their locality. I know that I did and even found some new paths and routes in Oswaldtwistle I hadn’t walked before.

Once the lockdown eased it was great to hear that leaders were co-ordinating walks and with car sharing still a no-no the communication was excellent as members began to meet at the start point of the walks. Well done!

Looking ahead to 2021 it appears that car sharing will continue to be difficult so we will need to keep with the current arrangements which are working well. The walks programme for Sundays is excellent with some new leaders coming on board. Welcome back Jo Doran and welcome to Sue Coady and Kathryn Davies. The parking place for the Sunday walks will be added to the website and members are encouraged to contact the walk leader. We may still be limited to a maximum of 30 walkers and certain protocols will be in place to ensure safe walking.

I am looking forward to walking with you all again next year .

Dawn Taylor Walks coordinator




If you are reading this message then you have accessed Hyndburn Ramblers Website! Hope you like it and find it useful. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. I update it regularly and if you have any photographs you would like to share please send them to me with a brief description. Please visit it from time to time as notices and changes will be posted here for your information and continued full enjoyment of your membership.

Dawn Taylor Website manager

Membership Report- Pauline Hughes

I am happy to carry on being membership secretary

The figures for this year are

Members as at end Oct 2019     116

New members                              10

Members left/deceased  minus     8

Members at 15/10/2020   Total 118



 Treasurers Report

                               Income and Expenditure Account for the year 2019/2020

Balance forward 30.09.19                             229.13                   Meeting costs                       13.00

Ramblers Walking Holidays                            40.00                   Walks leaflets Print             119.32

Allotment from Head Office                        213.00                      Bank  handling                        0.30                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Closing balance                     349.51


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        482.13                                                                 482.13                                                                           _________________________________________________ 

  As a result of the Covid epidemic the Group committee have only able to meet once in 2020. Thus we have reduced meeting expenses. Also, our postal expenses are down since the Area newsletter was not produced and distributed. As a result we come to the year end with more than the usual funds remaining. The group should be able to exist through the coming year on what we now have. Should we require extra funds we will have to apply to Area, which may prove difficult since, without a treasurer themselves there may be some delay.         

Leslie Stevens    Group Treasurer