Group Minutes

(Draft) Minutes of Committee Meeting of Cleveland Group of the Ramblers

held in Sunnyfield House, Guisborough on 4 April 2022.


PRESENT Mike Collier (Chair), Mike Cherrett, Bill Dell, Hazel Merigold, Colin Monson, Brian Smith.

APOLOGIES Dennis Barr, Geoff Watkins.


1 Minutes 6.12.21 have been distributed.

2 Hambleton & Ryedale (Colin Monson 01287 632556)

2.1 There have been two planning applications, one relating to construction work for the new Bilsdale transmitter and one to the construction of a cycle trail in Dalby Forest. In each case we asked that the safety of walkers on PROWs in the vicinity be safeguarded at all times.

2.2 We have responded to three proposed diversions of PROW. Following a site visit to Three Tuns Cottage in Farndale we suggested a variation to the proposed diversion. That proposal was accepted and we agreed to the revised diversion at the formal consultation stage.

2.3 At Scugdale Cottage, Hartoft, having objected to a proposed diversion when we were consulted informally we again objected at the formal consultation stage. NYCC has now submitted the application to the Planning Inspectorate, and has supported confirmation of the order.

2.4 At Hood Grange Farm, Sutton Bank, we are liaising with National Park Officers regarding proposed changes to BW 1 and FP 3 Hood Grange parish and FP 201 Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe parish. Although the FP changes are described as a diversion they are in fact an extinguishment and we have objected. On a site visit it was discovered that the BW had been closed by an Emergency Closure Notice and so we are unable to comment on the proposed diversion.

2.5 Moorlands Farm, Rosedale. We objected to a proposed diversion when consulted informally. A further proposal was made but we were unable to visit in the timescale allowed. A formal order has now been made for a diversion which appears to be less convenient to walkers. We propose to object but to indicate that we may be prepared to withdraw our objection if we can visit the site.

3 Redcar & Cleveland (Geoff Watkins 07968 301202)

3.1 We were consulted about four planning applications, none of them contentious.

3.2 Tofts Farm, Marske. Firstly the path was blocked by what appeared to be electric fencing. This was dealt with by Carl. Then it was closed unofficially with a trench dug for pipe laying; neither Carl nor Tony Gordon had been informed. It is now clear. Coincidentally Tony received an informal proposal from Network Rail to close the railway crossing on this path. There is a BW nearby.

3.3 Tony Gordon retired on 31 March. Thanks and best wishes for the future have been sent.

4, 5, Easington and Hartlepool

Following the sad death of Robert Blackburn contact has been made with Filomena Solan (Easington) and Chris Scaife (Hartlepool). In the meantime correspondence is being sent to the Secretary. An attempt will be made to find FP officers for these territories among our membership.

4.1 We were consulted about the proposed diversion of BW 15 Hawthorn Parish and BW 16 Seaham Parish, requested by the developer of South Seaham Garden Village, and did not object.

6 Middlesbrough (Geoff Watkins 07968 301202)

6.1 Contact has been made with Stewart Williams who notified two path issues, one resolved (fallen tree) and one still ongoing as the landowner has not removed fences creating a muddy narrow path. He had promised to do so (near Nunthorpe).

7 Stockton (Mike Cherrett 01642 783491)

7.1 In connection with the proposed footbridge over the Tees for Yarm school a track has been prepared over the field for plant and machinery for construction of the bridge. The request that safe access to the Teesdale way be maintained at all times, both during construction and use of the bridge and the playing field, was repeated.

8 Scarborough (Bill Dell 01287 637730)

8.1 We did not object to a planning application at HInderwell nor to a diversion at Robin Hood’s Bay.

9 Website (Bill Dell)

9.1 (9.1) The new Ramblers website is currently running alongside the previous one.

9.2 PROW Problem Reports. NYCC have added job numbers for all outstanding reports. NYMNPA still have 32 reports awaiting the issue of job numbers.

10 Local Access Forum

Neither Forum has met since January 2020 due to Coronavirus restrictions. We shall enquire about when it is planned to restart.

11 Walks

Average attendance 12. Co-ordinator Dennis Barr is to hand over to Pauline Leyshon in October.

12 Membership Local membership has fallen to 285, broadly in line with a drop in UK membership.

13 Secretary Nothing to report.

14 Treasurer

14.1 Balance 1.10.21 £429.23. Income £163. Expenses £212.55. Balance £379.68

14.2 The balance above is made up of General Fund £299.68, Designated Fund (from the Walking Partnership) £80.

15 Area Nothing to report.

16 AOB

16.1 (16.1) Rose Cottage. The path works and signage have now been completed. R&C BC has not yet issued the paperwork. Euroroute 2 now needs to be amended.

16.2 (16.2) Group boundaries. Ramblers are setting up a meeting in York to discuss this matter.

17 Next meeting Monday 1 August 2022 at 2pm in Sunnyfield House.

Agenda 4 April 2022

1 Minutes 4.4.22 10 Local Access Forum

2 Hambleton & Ryedale 11 Walks

3 Redcar & Cleveland 12 Membership

4 Easington 13 Secretary

5 Hartlepool 14 Treasurer

6 Middlesbrough 15 Area

7 Stockton 16 AOB

8 Scarborough 17 Date of next meeting

9 Website