Walks & Events Updates

Gateshead Group Walks Programme

If you would like to see the walks programme, please click on this link to get a list from the walks database.  It is possible to print the programme if required.


We have produced a file containing all the walks in the current programme so that it can be imported into an electronic calendar e.g. on a smartphone or in an email account .  This will allow the walks to be shown alongside your other social engagements and for some of us, our work commitments.

The file should be compatible to the following:
Apple Calendar (Iphone)
Gmail (Google calendar)
Yahoo Mail
and many others. 


The iCalendar file can be downloaded here.

Set up the calendar on your computer (webmail) or your phone, you should only need to do this once if you use the same email/calendar.

Computer instructions

Your Calendar programme should have detailed instructions about how to do this.

1) open the link

2) download (save) the ISC file

3) open your calendar in your webmail (internet email) account

4) create a new calendar and import the ICS file you have downloaded


iPhone/iPad instructions

1) open the link

2) click on the download option and all the events should appear

4) click the Add All option

5) choose the calendar you wish to use


Android Phones

There are several Apps are available to do this e.g.




Windows phones

There are several Apps available to import ICS files, see http://www.wpxbox.com/import-ics-icalendar-files-windows-phone-2/ for details.