Lost Ways

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Don't Lose Your Way is a national Ramblers project which aims to claim unrecorded footpaths in England and Wales. Oswestry Ramblers are helping with this project in our area. 

Stage 1. The first stage of data collection on lost ways resulted in some 49,000 miles of unrecorded paths being identified by volunteers. This was mapped and made available to Groups such as Oswestry Ramblers and our members early this year.

Stage 2. The next stage is to check the data and prioritise which paths to claim. Oswestry Group Committee has completed a desk study of the data and prioritised potential claims from 1 to 4 (1 is highest and 4  lowest). This involved checking each grid square within the 18 Oswestry Group parishes and recording the results with a tabulated map.

Now we need the help of members who live and walk in the individual parishes. We are asking that you check the results of our desk study and confirm our assessment of the priorities using your local knowledge.  So, for example, you may be aware that a path identified as unrecorded is used regularly by dog walkers, or that a path is in fact way-marked even if it is not recorded. Alternatively you may be aware that a claim is just not possible due to farm buildings being across the potential path.

We are not asking you to go out and check anything on the ground - just to use your local knowledge. 

There are 6 documents recording the results of our desk study and proposed priorities together with the maps.  You can find which parishes are on which maps on the document here

Part 1  Maps 1 - 13

Part 2  Maps 14 - 26

Part 3  Maps 27 - 36

Part 4  Maps 37 - 50

Part 5  Maps 51 - 62

Part 6  Maps 63 - 81

Please email all your comments to Peter Carr on footpaths@oswestryramblers.org.uk