Taking and publishing photographs

The GDPR is a new EU legal framework which will come into operation on 25 May 2018 and introduces additional regulations for all organisations that process (collect, manage and use) personal data.

Members need to be aware of how this affects adding photographs to our Facebook or Meetup Group, as photographs of people are a type of personal data.

Please do not add:

  • Photos of one or two people where the individuals are the main focus of the photo and identifiable
  • Photos of children

This is to avoid the huge administrative burden relating to obtaining consent from people who may be in these photos.

You are fine to add the following if you don’t identify people by name or share other personal data:

  • Staged photos of a group where you gather a group of people together to take a photo (for example, after completing a path maintenance activity, or at the top of a hill during a group walk). When taking the photo, you must inform the group if the photo will be published and where (for example, your website, social media, a newsletter) and confirm people are willing to be photographed for that purpose.
  • Candid photos of a group taken when people weren’t aware and aren’t easily identifiable (for example, a group walking along the coast in the distance)