Uploading a walk


How to submit a walk

The programme is run by walk leaders, overseen by walk coordinators.

Leaders can start submitting their walks at anytime. Please aim to upload walks at least 4-weeks prior. Reserve your walk date as early as possible. Other details can be added later.

Step 1 – Reserve a date (as early as possible)

  • The group Walks and Events Calendar displays the dates already reserved. Choose a suitable free slot, if possible avoiding a nearby walk close to your date. 
  • To enter a walk in the calendar you need the secure Modify URL which is available by asking a walk coordinator or by email request to info@wokingramblers.org 
  • See the Walk leader resources page for information on how to use the Walks and Events Calendar. An example of typical walk details to be entered is:
    • Event title: Royal Footsteps on the Long Walk
    • Date: 18/10/2017
    • Time: from 10:00 to: 13:00 [ensure that All day is unchecked] 
    • Calendar: 1. Date Reserved (yellow)
    • Who: Julie [first name or first name plus family name initial only]
    • Where: Windsor Great Park
    • Description: Leave blank [walk coordinator will complete]

Step 2 – Upload your walk on the Ramblers website (≥ 1 month prior to walk)

To enter walks onto the Group Walk and Events Manager you must first register on the Ramblers website and then be enabled as a Contributor by asking a walk coordinator or email request to info@wokingramblers.org 

If you're not familiar with how to upload a walk, check out Getting started for contributors in the Group walks and events manager toolkit.

  • To upload your walk to the Group Walk and Events Manager, refer to Getting started for contributors. When it’s ready, Save and Submit – Save is not the same!
  • Optional information that can be entered on the Further Details page Include:
    • Walking with dogs one of three suggested optional notes
    • Images (485h x 650w pixels is ideal – height is more important – resize here)
  • After submitting your walk, go back to the group Walks and Events Calendar, click on calendar type and use the drop down list to select Info Uploaded (green).

The walk coordinators can help you add your walk. They can be contacted at info@wokingramblers.org 

Step 3 – After submitting details of your walk (≤ 1 week of submission)

  • A walk coordinator will review details of your walk and if there are no questions, publish it on the group website. 
  • At the same time, the walk coordiantor will access the group Walks and Events Calendar and change the status to Published (blue). 
  • In the Walks and Events Calendar Description field, the walk coordinator will add a link to the Ramblers website walk details so that you can retrieve details after the walk.

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