About weekends away

Guidance for Organising Weekends Away

Weekends away should be agreed in advance with the WMWG committees. Prices to members should be set to achieve as close to breakeven as possible. Where hostel places have to be paid for in advance, prices should have a built-in contingency, in case the weekend does not fill and unfilled places have to be paid for.

Please agree prices to be charged with the committee before the weekend is advertised in the programme/on the website and before places are booked.

Cheques from members for weekends away should be made out to West Midlands Walking Group and sent to the WMWG treasurer.

Large surpluses should be avoided where possible. A small surplus (less than £ 50) is generally acceptable but if it looks like a large surplus will be made then steps should be taken to spend the surplus among the attendees - eg, paying for food/drinks/breakfasts or subsidising an activity.

Refund policy

If a deposit is requested from members before the balance is due then this should be on a nonrefundable basis, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Deposits can also be agreed on an individual basis at the discretion of the group organiser. A 50% deposit is recommended with the balance payment being made well in advance of the weekend the individual has booked onto.

Refunds of balance payments for cancellations should only be given if WMWG is able to recover the cost of the lost place. A partial refund may be given if part of the cost can be recovered but this should be agreed with the committee.

Subject to the above, where the full amount has been paid by the member and the member cancels, an admin fee of up to 10% plus any deposit paid, may be retained by the group to be redistributed accordingly.

Members on Weekends

When booking onto a weekend, each member must provide their Ramblers membership number to the weekend organiser.

Priority should be given to group members. Places should be offered first to group members but where it is likely that places will remain unfilled, non-group members can be invited at the discretion of the organiser.

Non-group members attending weekends and members booking into their own accommodation may be asked for an additional contribution to costs which should be made clear when the weekend is advertised.