A Salute to our Working Party

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Southstone Rock and the 72 Steps

Worcester Ramblers, or more specifically, the working party team of Worcester Ramblers have been formally acknowledged by Ramblers UK Head office for the work that they did at Southstone Rock. They have released a pamphlet detailing the 9 mile circular walk, which also describes how a neglected footpath, inaccessible for nearly 30 years, was recovered and reopened by the volunteer team from Worcester with support from their local countryside services. The Southstone Rock path is a shining example of what footpath maintenance teams can do when supplied with the tools and equipment to unblock pathways, discover new routes and push forward to protect our rights of way.

The 2016 Big Pathwatch, which launched on Monday 14th November, was a follow up initiative from a previous years event, published a report on what was achieved and shone a light on footpath maintenance: it hopes to invoke many more examples of the kind of work that was, and still is, being undertaken by our Working Party team.

So hats off to Doug Flanagan and all those who join him on a regular basis. If it were not for you and teams like you, many of the paths that we walk along week in, week out, would simply disappear.

So Thank You.

To download a copy of the Southstone Rock walk/pamphlet click here