Route finder FAQs

We answer some common questions that arise from users of the Ramblers Routes route finder.

What is the difference between what non-members and members can view on the route finder?

  • Unregistered site users can only see the summaries for all routes
  • Registered non-members are only able to view summaries for members-only routes but are able to access the full route descriptions for free routes
  • Registered members have full access to both free and members-only routes

When I download a GPX of a route, the route line downloads, but what about the waypoints?

Unfortunately it is beyond our current budget to add in the functionality for more than just the line to be downloaded.  This is something that is on our wish list though as it would be a good asset to the routes.  In the meantime, we advise that you print out the route card as well as the GPX.

How do you print a large scale OS map (e.g. 1:25000) on Ramblers Routes so you can see where you are going? If I zoom in, I lose some of the route line from the map.

We plan eventually to enable our users to print out their route cards over a series of maps so that the route can be shown in full at the most appropriate scale. But at the time of developing the site we were restricted by the budget and what we have at the moment is the best we could achieve within this budget. 

One way around this for the time being is, in addition to the full route card, to print the route map either as landscape or portrait and zoom in over different sections of the route, printing off more than one map, to obtain the full route at the 1:25000 scale.

I am registered on the Ramblers Routes route builder site, but am unable to use these details to log in to use the routes finder on the Ramblers website. Why is this?

Currently the log in for the Ramblers website, which distinguishes between members and non-members, is separate to the route builder. As a result your Ramblers Routes log in will not work on the Ramblers site and you will need to register for a separate account on the Ramblers site.

We understand that this is a less than ideal set up and are currently working with our developers to create a single log in function. We will advise all users once this has been implemented.

The default map layer is Bing, but the route I wish to walk is rural and therefore best viewed on the Ordnance Survey layer. Can I change to this?

You can change the map layers simply by clicking on the grey ‘+’ button towards the top right-hand corner of the map.  A box will then pop up in which you can switch between the map base layer options, including the OS layer.

When I printed a route card, I received an error message and the print out is not formatted correctly and/or some of text is missing.

There is currently a slight issue with printing route cards when using Internet Explorer.  This is more significant on IE8, so you may like to upgrade to IE9, although at present the last few lines of text on each page are not printing when using IE9. 

Our recommended browsers for using the route finder and printing route cards would be Firefox or Google Chrome, which are a lot safer than IE and are free and easy to download.

Why can't I scroll very far from the route line on the map to view the surrounding areas?

This is as a result of the contractual agreement we hold with Ordnance Survey, whereby only maps with a route line overlaid are permitted to be printed.  The route line is locked to the map to prevent any breach of this agreement.

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