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Would you like to share your experiences of walking with us?

Whether you're a Ramblers member who enjoys taking part in group walks or volunteering, or you like walking on your own or with your family, we’d love your help to encourage others to get involved and enjoy the many benefits of walking.

By telling the personal stories of people like you, we help people to understand the benefits of walking, how it could help them and how they could support the work of the Ramblers.

We’d be grateful to hear your story – as little or as much as you’d like to share.

By submitting this form, you give us permission to use your story and, if provided, your photo in our work. We'll get in touch with you if we need more information, and we'll always try and let you know where we have used your story, although sometimes we might use it anonymously. We'll aim to contact you from time to time to check your details are still correct.

Prompt questions

  • Why did you want to start walking?
  • How did you find out about the Ramblers/your walking group and what made you decide to join?
  • How did you find your first experience of walking?
  • How has walking affected your life? (E.g. has it improved your health or social life?)
  • What would you say to someone who was thinking about taking up walking?
  • What is the thing you love most about walking?


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Your story

We know that every story is different and would like to hear from you in your own words. To help you with setting out your story, we have included some prompt questions above, but these are only a guide and we would like to hear as much or as little of your story as you are happy to tell.

Using your story

We would like to be able to use your story and ideally a photo of you in a range of communications. These could include printed publications, adverts, audiovisual and electronic materials (e.g. DVDs, presentations and websites), media work (e.g. press releases) and display materials (e.g. stands). Please state here if there are any ways in which you do NOT want us to use your story and/or photograph.

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