As Ramblers we value our countryside for its natural beauty, sense of peace and tranquillity and wildlife, as well as its vital role in promoting wellbeing and sustainable economic growth.

We work to help people access and enjoy these benefits - which are often best enjoyed by being outdoors on foot - and to protect and enhance the beauty of the countryside.

By this we mean the places and landscapes which are highly valued for their aesthetic qualities, which are naturally attractive and are commonly regarded to be ‘beautiful’.

We believe such landscapes need to be developed sensitively, so that the communities living in them can benefit from the services and infrastructure they require in order to have a sustainable future.

England’s countryside has long been a lived-in countryside, and as people have helped to shape the character of their surroundings this has had positive as well as negative impacts upon our landscapes.

Development should work harmoniously with the countryside by meeting the following five principles:

  • Protect and enhance precious landscapes, ensuring new developments are sensitively located and work with the character of their surroundings.
  • Improve access to the outdoors, protecting rights of way and securing more open access land so that more people can enjoy the benefits of being outdoors.
  • Work with nature, supporting and restoring habitats and species, as well as inspiring people through increased contact with nature.
  • Support local communities, so that they can influence the future of their surroundings and benefit from new sources of sustainable economic growth.
  • Support sustainable development, in order to reduce our carbon footprint, adapt to a changing climate, and allow future generations to inherit a sustainable legacy.

Climate Change

The Ramblers values our countryside for its natural beauty, sense of peace and tranquillity and its wildlife, as well as the vital role it plays in promoting wellbeing, in food production and in its contribution to the national economy.

National Parks

The Ramblers has long campaigned to protect these special landscapes from intrusive developments and damaging activities in order to preserve their beauty and tranquillity for public enjoyment.

Renewable energy

Read our policy position on renewable energy, including our policies on solar energy and wind farms.

Solar energy (England)

Ramblers position on solar energy in England.


Ramblers position on fracking in England and Wales.