At the heart of our work as a charity is the promotion of one the most important forms of sustainable transport - walking.

Walking is free, needs no special equipment, and is great for the environment. With 80% of journeys under one mile made on foot and 27% of households without access to a car, we work to promote everyday local walking for transport, health and leisure.

We campaign to make roads safer for walkers to useas gaps in the path network mean that all too often walkers have no choice but to walk on country roads with no pavements. We’ve urged the Government to consider lowering speed limits on rural roads and support the GO 20 campaign run by Brake, the road safety charity. We’ve also pointed out that motorists need to be made much more aware of the rights of walkers, horse riders and cyclists to use roads.

We actively support the development and use of sustainable transport and work with other organisations to make our voice more powerful. Transport infrastructure has a major effect on the beauty and accessibility of the countryside. The environmental and landscape costs of any scheme must be weighed against any economic or social benefits anticipated.

High Speed Rail (HS2)

Our position on the development of High Speed Rail (HS2) in England.