Treasurer Guidance


Guidance for Treasurers

Treasurer guidance is now in a factsheet format - you may choose to download all guidance at once, or download/view each factsheet individually. All factsheets are in the pdf file format.

Download all the guidance by selecting: Treasurers Guidance

Download/view individual factsheets:

FIN001 - Title and contents

FIN002 - Introduction

FIN003 - Area and Group finance: overview

FIN004 - The role of Treasurer

FIN005 - Area Treasurer role description

FIN006 - Group Treasurer role description

FIN007 - Funding and reserves

FIN008 - Unity Trust banking

FIN009 - Bookkeeping

FIN010 - Accounts and the annual return

FIN011 - Use of charitable funds

FIN012 - Using funds effectively

FIN013 - Tax issues

FIN014 - Volunteer expenses

FIN015 - External grant funding

FIN016 - Displaying charity details

Volunteer expenses

See FIN014 for guidance on volunteer expenses.

template expenses form is available for download


Last updated: 20th November 2012