Insurance FAQ

What are the basic conditions of a group walk being covered by Ramblers insurance?

In order for the insurance to be valid, the group walk must be recognised as an official Ramblers walk. Details of this are in the insurance guide:

To be considered an official Ramblers walk, all walks, including coach rambles must:

  • Be brought to the attention of the Programme Coordinator, who ideally has confidence in the Walk Leader’s ability to lead the walk
  • Be publicised as a Ramblers activity, in advance, in at least one of the following ways:
  •     On the Group Walks and Event Manager
  •     In a printed programme     
  •     On the group/area website
  • Have a nominated Leader, and ideally a Backmarker who (together, or separately) have ideally recced the walk.  Both the Walk Leader and Backmarker must be members.


Walks involving an overnight stay must also:
Have an overall primary organiser who ideally has confidence in the ability of Walk Leaders to lead each walk and who will vary the programme of walks if circumstances demand.



Is it compulsory to do a recce of the route?

Recces are not compulsory. They are however seen as good practice and recommended, where possible, but it does not invalidate the insurance if you have not recced your walk.


Are registers compulsory?

No, registers are not compulsory but again, like recces, are seen as good practice.


Must a walk always be publicised in advance in order to be covered by insurance?

Yes. ‘Normal' weekly or monthly walks must be publicised in advance in at least one of: Walks Finder, a printed programme or the Group/Area website. As described in the insurance policy, this is to allow both members and potential members to know about walks in advance. If it is publicised via the Ramblers website (Walks Finder), the public can access the information, which is a great way to potentially gain new members. A printed programme should ideally also be available to members of the public and many Groups use local libraries, cafés and local press to display their walks.

Walks involving an overnight stay need to be advertised to members and ideally to the public also in the same manner.


Are non-members covered on group walks?

Non members are covered and should be encouraged to join the Ramblers after three taster walks. If they do not join after this time they are not covered by the Ramblers insurance, thus if they cause an accident, such as leaving a gate open and cattle escape, they would be liable to cover any associated costs themselves.


Are Ramblers groups/members covered when leading walks for other organisations?

Individual members, Areas or Groups are sometimes approached by other organisations and asked whether they can arrange a led walk on their behalf. In these instances volunteers should take care to ensure that they are clear which organisation is responsible for running the proposed walk. If it is to be run as a Ramblers Area or Group activity (i.e. with the full knowledge and support of the committee, with an appointed Leader and publicised as a Ramblers walk) then the Walk Leader will be covered by the insurance. However, if responsibility for the walk rests with a separate organisation then the Ramblers insurance cover will not apply.

When individuals, Areas or Groups collaborate with other organisations in this way we strongly recommend that the question of responsibility and insurance cover is discussed and clarified explicitly beforehand. As a charity ourselves, it is Ramblers policy not to enter into walks that have the primary purpose to raise funds for another organisation.


If our group organises a trip away, will the Ramblers insurance be valid?

Yes, as long as the trip meets the three basic insurance requirements; it has a nominated Leader, it is publicised in advance, and it is brought to the attention of the Programme Coordinator, who is ideally confident in the Leaders ability to lead the walk.

Cover is worldwide EXCEPT for USA and Canada. However, this is cover for civil liability ONLY and does not apply to lost luggage or cancelled trips or personal accident. You should arrange your own cover for this.


Does insurance for path maintenance teams cover the use of chainsaws?

Chainsaws are only permitted and covered by the insurance if the volunteer using it holds a current relevant qualification and wears the appropriate protective clothing. A “relevant qualification” is one that is:

  • granted by a recognised trainer or national body
  • appropriate for the type of chainsaw being used
  • appropriate for the purpose and environment in which the chainsaw is being used.