Ramblers Insurance for Path Maintenance Teams 

Many Areas and Groups actively engage in volunteer path maintenance or improving paths and rights of way. This is normally carried out in collaboration with the local authority or similar agency. Sometimes insurance cover is arranged by the local authority, and in these situations the local authority determines the conditions under which the Ramblers groups can operate.

Where cover is not provided by the local authority Areas and Groups may use the Ramblers insurance provision. Both civil liability insurance and personal accident insurance are available.

To find out more about the specific conditions of the insurance related to path maintenance teams, please see Section 4 of the Insurance Guide.

Useful documents

Working Party Health and Safety Checklist

This health and safety form is provided for path maintenance teams that are not required to complete a risk assessment by the local authority

Working Party Sign Off Form

This form is for working party sign off when the local authority does not have their own sign off form

You can find more insurance documentation in the Insurance toolkit.