Zip wire proposals (January 2018)

As Ramblers, we value our countryside for its natural beauty, sense of peace and tranquility and wildlife, as well as its vital role in promoting wellbeing and sustainable economic growth. We believe that development should work harmoniously with the countryside and that our landscapes need to be developed sensitively, so that the communities living in them can benefit from the services and infrastructure they require in order to have a sustainable future. Thousands of our volunteers work actively across the country, applying their expert and local knowledge of their landscape, walking environment, community and economy to evaluate and respond to planning and landscape issues in their local areas and we fully support the work they do. In this instance, we are pleased to support the decision that the local Ramblers areas, together with some of our members in their personal capacity, have taken to object to the Zip Wire proposals, which they consider will adversely affect the landscape character, tranquillity and visual amenity of the area.

If you would like to make your views known on this planning application, the consultation is open until 12 January and you can submit your comments by writing to the Local Planning Authority. The Friends of the Lake District have provided more information about how to do this on their website: