Route Builder FAQs

Common questions that arise from users of the Ramblers route builder.

What do I do if I change my mind about a route that I have adopted?

If you are uncertain about whether or not you want to take a route on, we advise that you clock the ‘view’ route button to look at it first, rather than the ‘adopt’ button. If you do decide that you don’t want to work on a route that you have adopted, please click on the ‘Abandon route’ button so that the route can be made available for someone else to work on.

Is it okay to use abbreviations or acronyms in my route description?

Please refrain from using abbreviations and acronyms in your route descriptions wherever possible. The routes are accessed by a wide range of users, many of whom may not understand or misinterpret the meaning of these. Therefore please do not abbreviate things such as right-hand side to ‘RH’ or tourist information centre to ‘TIC’, but rather type it out in full.

Will route developer and checkers be credited for their work?

Yes. The names of the route developers and checkers will be added to the top of each route card unless you opt to remain anonymous as part of your account setup.

How do I edit an alternative route?

Unfortunately, alternative routes are not editable as it is not possible to add route points to them.

However, alternative routes should be should be relatively short stretches of route, so can easily be redone if you find you have made an error. If you wish to redo your alternative, click on the ‘Delete route’ button, then click on your alternative route (shown in pink on your map). When asked if you want to delete you alternative route, select ‘yes’. You can then redo the alternative route as you wish, by again selecting the ‘Draw alternative route’.

Why am I receiving email notifications for routes that require checking in areas that are miles away from where I live or normally walk?

It is possible that you have inadvertently selected the incorrect geographical areas when you registered your account with Ramblers Routes. If you want to narrow the areas that you receive notifications on routes available, within any of the regions you have selected, this is easily done. Please go into your account details by clicking on ‘my preferences’ next to 'sign out' at the top of the page. Expand the regions you have selected by pressing the plus sign next to them and then untick any areas you do not wish to receive notifications about.

Can I check my own routes?

No. Ramblers Routes will not allow you to adopt and check your own routes.

Is it possible to alter part of a route without going back and re-doing the whole thing?

Yes you can alter any part of your route by using the 'maps tool box'. Under 'editing route lines' there are four symbols. To give the route more flexibility use the 'add route point' button to increase the number of route points. To move the points around use the 'move route point' button which looks like a finger. You can also remove surplus route points using the minus button if there are too many.

Why do I keep receiving email notifications of routes awaiting checking for which the deadline has past or very close?

If you are not developing routes for a specific managed project, then please pay no attention to these deadline dates. They're a legacy of the Get Walking Keep Walking project and no longer applicable to independent route developers and checkers. We are currently working on removing the deadlines, in the meantime please go ahead check any route that you would like to.

Why am I not receiving notifications of routes awaiting checking in my area?

This could be because:

  1. The notifications are ending up in your junk mail
  2. You have supplied an incorrect email address in the setting up of your account. Please go to My Accounts to correct
  3. There are no routes currently awaiting checking in your area

Why do the selected “Features” and “Themes” not appear on the route card?

The information is for route categorisation only and this information therefore does not appear on the route card. It is important to select the correct “surroundings” and “themes” that best describe your route as this information will be used when categorising your route for inclusion within the Ramblers Routes library.

Is it possible to alter the size of the font on the route description?

The font sizes within routes are set to a standard size and cannot be altered. This is to ensure a standard format across all routes on the database in line with the quality standards of Ramblers Routes.

Can I upload GPX files?

Yes. First you will need to download your GPX route from your device onto your PC’s hard drive. Then, in Ramblers Routes, click on the yellow “Create My Own Walking Route” button which will open up the route edit tabs. Under the “Map” tab locate and click on the GPX upload button on the Map Tools. Then navigate to the GPX file using the Browse button within the pop-up and click open.

Why can’t I locate a specific location when using the address search bar?

This feature will not be able to locate a specific address when zoomed out too far. The search uses the maps bounding box as the basis of the address line search.

How do I view the Ordnance Survey mapping layer?

Simply click on the "+" symbol on the right of the map border and select Ordnance Survey map from the list that appears.

Can I reorder my photos or add one in between existing ones?

At present, the solution to this if you wish them to be in the correct order, is to delete photos up to the point at which you want to add one in and then re add the others afterwards. However, the photos do not have to be in the order that they appear on the route as long as the photo caption explains where on the route the photo refers to.

Are we required to add photographs to our route cards?

All routes require at least one photo, so please feel free to take some to upload to the route, whether you are the developer or checker. Checkers, please verify whether there are any photos on a route already before you go out and walk it.

Please also ensure that you assign your name as the photographer to any of your photos that you upload.

How should I label the Points of Interest on my Route?

When you add a Point of interest (POI) onto a route, it will automatically be assigned a letter according to the order that you have put it onto the route.

Please do not type in the letter of the POI in the box that appears, but rather type a short title for the POI it corresponds to, such as ‘The Gothic Church at Kylemore’. This will help others who may wish to link the POI to their own route and provide information to those using the route.

Instead of creating a new Point of Interest can I link my route to an existing one?

Yes, simply click on the "link/unlink POI" button on the Map Tools bar and then click on the POI that you would like to link to your route.

Why do the Risk Assessments not appear on the Route Card?

As risk assessments are only required when specifically requested, it has been decided not to include these on route cards. However, if you would like to print of a risk assessment, simply click on the “preview risks” button at the bottom of the page.

How do I print off the Route Card?

a. When in the homepage tables, locate the route and click on the black “View” button. When the page opens up, simply click on the “print to PDF” button which will generate a PDF file.

b. When in the Route Edit form, click on the orange “route card” button. When the page opens up, simply click on the “print to PDF” button which will generate a PDF file which can then be printed off.

How do I make corrections/amendments to a route once I have checked it on the ground?

Once you have checked a route, please make any reasonable adjustments / additions to the route details and text.

These may be amendments to aid clarity to the directions, or to overcome a RoW issue, or you may wish to add a point of interest or some additional information on travelling to the route.

Once you have done this, please add some notes under the comments tab to inform us what has been done any why. The Ramblers routes team will then look over these during the final edit and authorisation of the route.

What are Lollipop and Loop Routes?

There are four different route types to choose from in Ramblers Routes. It is important that you select the correct route type as this will ensure that the route distance is correctly calculated.

  1. Point-to-Point: This is effectively a linear route that starts at point A and ends at point B
  2. Out-and-Back: The route starts at Point A and then upon reaching Point B, retraces the route line back to Point A
  3. Lollipop: This is similar to the Out-and-Back route but where only the outbound leg of the route is retraced upon return
  4. Loop: This is a circular route where the walker ends at the start point without retracing any of the route

How should I flag up any safety risks on my route?

Please ensure that any safety risks such as busy roads etc. are included at the appropriate way point in the safety note box.

Am I able to sort the routes that are available to develop or check by area?

At present, the best way to search by area is by entering a postcode or location in the area you would like to work on a route into the search bar on the Maps tab. The map is a spatial representation of everything that’s in the table of routes available, so you may find it easier to search for a route to check in this way. Once you have entered a location into the search bar, the map will zoom into the area that you wish to check in. The orange dots on the map refer to each route available. Click on one of these dots and a box will pop up, in which you can choose to view or adopt the route.

How do I apply the correct styles to my route descriptions?

The formatting for route descriptions is automatic and will be applied by the system for you.

The choice of speeds next to the “Time required” under the Extra Info tab do not give me the actual time that I took to do this route. Is it possible to enter my own time?

Yes. There are a lot of other factors involved in determining how long a route will take to walk. Speed is just one of these factors and may play a greater role in shorter routes that in routes over 7 miles. Therefore, you can enter the time it took you to complete the walk by typing directly into the hours and minutes boxes.

When I click on the View button nothing seems to happen?

It is quite likely that your browser has been set to block pop-ups. To turn-off pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer 9: Click the Tools button, and then click Internet options. On the Privacy tab, clear the Turn on Pop-up Blocker check box, and then click OK. To turn-off Pop-up Blocker in Google Chrome: Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar. Select Settings. Click Show advanced settings. In the "Privacy" section, click the Content settings button. In the "Pop-ups" section, select "Allow all sites to show pop-ups."

How do I a view a route before deciding to adopt it?

Please click the ‘view’ button, which brings up a view of the route card for the route in question. This will display all information that has previously been added to this route. If you then wish to work on this route, please click the ‘adopt’ button to move it into your ‘my routes’ tab.