President Wales

Jane Davidson

Making headlines at the Hay Festival: Former Environment Minister takes on Ramblers Cymru presidency

The focus is on walking today (26 May) at the Hay Festival as former Minister Jane Davidson is announced as President of Ramblers Cymru. Jane has served in the Welsh Assembly since 1999 but this move marks her return to the voluntary sector, having served as Vice-president of Ramblers Cymru prior to her appointment in 2007 as Minister for Environment, Sustainability and the Environment.

Jane, who has already walked most of the long distance footpaths in Wales said, “I am delighted to accept the Presidency of Ramblers Cymru. I have always been a keen walker and the opportunity to be involved in seeing the all Wales Coastal Path come to fruition in the next year is a really exciting one. It will place Wales at the forefront for coastal walks in the world, and having just walked the Pembrokeshire coastal path in the last month, I hope that this clear agenda will lead to many more people of all ages seeing what Wales has to offer walkers, not just on our coast but in our mountains and by our lakes and rivers as well.”

Denis McAteer, Chair of Ramblers Cymru welcomed the announcement: “It is an honour to have on board someone with such a firm grasp of the importance of access and rights of way in Wales and wealth of environmental knowledge. Previously Jane made an invaluable contribution to walking as our Vice-president and I know will continue to do so in her new role as President.”

Denis continues, “There are some exciting milestones ahead. We look forward to receiving Jane’s guidance and support en route as we continue to campaign for walkers in Wales.”