Amar Latif to be appointed as President of the Ramblers

29 March 2023

On 1st April 2023, Amar Latif will be appointed as President of the Ramblers. Known for his television appearances as the Blind Adventurer, Amar Latif plans to support the Ramblers mission to ensure that walking is accessible to everyone regardless of location, health, ethnicity, ability, wealth, gender, or sexuality. 

Despite losing 95% of his vision by the age of 18, Amar hasn’t let sight loss be a barrier to walking outdoors.  During his 2005 TV debut in the BBC2 series Beyond Boundaries, Amar pushed himself to his limits on a gruelling coast-to-coast hike across Nicaragua.  

Here’s why Amar was so delighted to take on the honorary role: 

amar latif becoming new Ramblers president

Amar said: “Being appointed President of the Ramblers is a huge honour. The Ramblers mission to ensure equal access to nature for all is so important for health and well-being of people across Great Britain.  I’ve been passionate about walking all my life, and if I can enjoy the benefits of a walk, then so can other people. I want to help inspire people, irrespective of their background or ability, to embrace the endless natural beauty of our country and improve their health and wellbeing.”  

Ross Maloney, CEO of the Ramblers, welcomed Amar to the role, saying, “Amar will be a fantastic President for the Ramblers as he inspires so many people to push their limits and enjoy walking in nature.  We want everyone to be able to enjoy walking in our green spaces, but research shows that access is not equal with people on lower incomes, from ethnic minority groups or living with disabilities much less able to enjoy spending time in nature.” 

Amar will succeed writer and DJ Stuart Maconie, who held the position of president of the Ramblers from 2017 to 2023.  Stuart Maconie will continue his support of the charity in the role of life vice president. 


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