A man celebrating on top of a mountain

Feather-weight adventures on foot

23 November 2021 by James Forrest

Fast-hiker James Forrest recently set a solo, self-supported Three Peaks Challenge record. Here, he reveals how he planned and prepared for his 500-mile adventure and kept his pack under 5kgs.

A grassy valley

The story of a camera, lost and found

23 November 2021 by Natalie Hoare

Rambler Mike Price and fellow walker Ken Critchley recall the remarkable chain of events that led to the return of a beloved camera lost on a remote walk in the Scottish Highlands 12 years ago.

A man in front of an active volcano

Hot on the trail

22 November 2021 by Peter Naldrett

After completing Iceland’s sublime but challenging Fimmvörðuháls trail, author Peter Naldrett braves a hike up to the smouldering caldera of an active volcano


Migratory bird watch

22 November 2021 by Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

A guide to some of the evocatively named feathered visitors to see this winter, including redwings, fieldfares, bramblings, pintail and goldeneyes – as they pay a seasonal visit to the UK.

The Wealdway - One small idea and 40 years of volunteering

11 November 2021 by Guest blogger

The Wealdway is an 82-mile route from Gravesend to Eastbourne, running from the Thames down to the English Channel. It is a route that has been developed, protected, maintained, promoted and championed by the Ramblers. As it celebrates its 40 year anniversary, Nicola Brown from the Tonbridge Ramblers tells us the story of the route, and the people who made it.

Why do we want to improve access to nature for everyone, and how can we make that happen?

29 October 2021 by Stephen Russell

After publishing our review of the government's poor performance on access to nature, Ramblers' policy officer Stephen Russell talks about why access to nature is so important to him, and how the government can make connecting people with nature a priority.

What does a footpath officer do?

06 October 2021 by Guest blogger

While many of us regularly enjoy walking the thousands of miles of paths that crisscross the UK, many may not realise the role Ramblers volunteer footpath officers play behind the scenes to protect the path network and ensure it is the best it can be for all of us who love to follow it.

The Rutland Round

14 September 2021 by Sophia Khan

How one Ramblers volunteer was the driving force behind transforming Rutland’s paths from ‘pretty rubbish’ to ‘some of the finest in the country’

Mountains and blue sky.

Mindful walking and your connection with nature

30 August 2021 by Dr Jade Elizabeth

Ever wondered why you feel a sense of ease when you are out in nature, or when you take a deep breath of fresh air you feel as your mind has cleared and notice that the problem you have not been able to figure out suddenly makes sense? Ramblers #WalkYourWay Ambassador, Dr jade Eizabeth, shares her 5 favourite ways to hike more mindfully.

Tree path

Could we see hundreds of thousands of more trees planted across England

25 August 2021 by Alison Hallas

The England Trees Action Plan sets out how the government intends to meet its target of planting 30,000 hectares of trees a year across the UK by 2025

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