Find your place to be to win a Go Pro from Cotswold Outdoor!

01 September 2020 by Nichola Carroll

Join in the #FeelMore social media challenge for a chance to win a Go Pro from Cotswold Outdoor!

On the right track with the Ramblers app

30 August 2020 by Gordon Chalk

Our Ramblers Routes collection has enabled people to walk during the Covid-19 pandemic. New Ramblers member Gordon Chalk explains how he is discovering the North East of England on foot, accessing walk routes on the Ramblers app.

Reconnecting with nature and each other again

28 August 2020 by Dr Anjana Khatwa

Ramblers #FeelMore Ambassador, Anjana, has been enjoying getting out on lots of family walks with her three children after the months of lockdown. In this blog, however, Anjana explores being able to get off the beaten track, enjoy the silence of nature and enjoy some valued time with her partner away from the little ones , with the help of the Ramblers app!

Helen Grover with signpost

Revelling in nature, guided by Ramblers Routes

28 August 2020 by Helen Grover

New Ramblers member Helen Grover shares how she takes time out to enjoy walking the South Downs with her father, making regular use of the Ramblers Routes app.

What do we want? Nature!

27 August 2020 by Gemma Cantelo

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our relationship with nature and the outdoors. Gemma Cantelo, the Ramblers’ head of policy and advocacy, reflects on what we’ve learnt.

Enjoy the silence

Join in the #FeelMore summer challenge for a chance to win prizes from Cotswold Outdoor!

23 August 2020 by Nichola Carroll

Join in the #FeelMore social media challenge this summer for a chance to win prizes from Cotswold Outdoor!

Broadening your horizons with Ramblers Routes

21 August 2020 by Mary Gough

Ramblers Routes is an ever-growing, online collection of inspiring routes by walkers, for walkers. Mary Gough, one of the Ramblers’ dedicated team of volunteer route developers, explains how a walk route is created.

Hawthorn berries

Really wild recipes

20 August 2020 by Dave Hamilton

Follow walk magazine’s Masterclass to foraging and then create a delicious snack or meal with these top wild food recipes.

A man speaking in to a microphone

Walking Class Heroes – Terry Howard

20 August 2020 by Roly Smith

This is the first of a series of excerpts from the forthcoming book Walking Class Heroes, in which the lives of 20 pioneers of the Right to Roam are examined. First up is Sheffield access campaigner Terry Howard.

Etching of a man addressing a room of people

Ramblers remedy: learning from the Romans

20 August 2020 by Dr Nick Summerton

Britain is blessed with ruins from Roman times and spending time amongst them might have positive benefits for our wellbeing and be the perfect antidote to stress.

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