Silhouette of four people walking along a hilltop as sunset

Your Movement Matters – opening the way for everyone

25 January 2022 by Mark Crosby, Head of Ramblers Operations

Going for a walk is something many of us take for granted. But unfortunately, this isn’t everyone’s experience.

Ten standout milestones we achieved together this year

14 December 2021 by Olly Hicks-Pattison

We’ve worked harder than ever this year, with thousands of volunteers, members, supporters and campaigners to protect the places we walk across England, Scotland and Wales. So let’s look back and celebrate some of our amazing achievements.

Rainbow on Dartmoor

Wild and Wonderful: a winter walk on Dartmoor

10 December 2021 by Sally Prosser

This December, as my boots crunch through piles of shrivelled leaves and the temperature drops, I’m struck again how special it is to walk in winter. It’s easy to dread the onslaught of cold and inclement weather, but it’s the diversity of climatic changes that make this season so unique.

Read more as Ramblers Ambassador, Sally Prosser, takes us on a walk with the Tavistock Ramblers.

Running Over All Of Wales’ Nuttalls

03 December 2021 by William Renwick

Will Renwick, President of Ramblers Cymru, reflects on his epic attempt to climb all of Wales’ mountains over 2000ft in one continuous, self-supported journey

A man celebrating on top of a mountain

Feather-weight adventures on foot

23 November 2021 by James Forrest

Fast-hiker James Forrest recently set a solo, self-supported Three Peaks Challenge record. Here, he reveals how he planned and prepared for his 500-mile adventure and kept his pack under 5kgs.

A grassy valley

The story of a camera, lost and found

23 November 2021 by Natalie Hoare

Rambler Mike Price and fellow walker Ken Critchley recall the remarkable chain of events that led to the return of a beloved camera lost on a remote walk in the Scottish Highlands 12 years ago.

A man in front of an active volcano

Hot on the trail

22 November 2021 by Peter Naldrett

After completing Iceland’s sublime but challenging Fimmvörðuháls trail, author Peter Naldrett braves a hike up to the smouldering caldera of an active volcano


Migratory bird watch

22 November 2021 by Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

A guide to some of the evocatively named feathered visitors to see this winter, including redwings, fieldfares, bramblings, pintail and goldeneyes – as they pay a seasonal visit to the UK.

The Wealdway - One small idea and 40 years of volunteering

11 November 2021 by Guest blogger

The Wealdway is an 82-mile route from Gravesend to Eastbourne, running from the Thames down to the English Channel. It is a route that has been developed, protected, maintained, promoted and championed by the Ramblers. As it celebrates its 40 year anniversary, Nicola Brown from the Tonbridge Ramblers tells us the story of the route, and the people who made it.

Why do we want to improve access to nature for everyone, and how can we make that happen?

29 October 2021 by Stephen Russell

After publishing our review of the government's poor performance on access to nature, Ramblers' policy officer Stephen Russell talks about why access to nature is so important to him, and how the government can make connecting people with nature a priority.

What does a footpath officer do?

06 October 2021 by Guest blogger

While many of us regularly enjoy walking the thousands of miles of paths that crisscross the UK, many may not realise the role Ramblers volunteer footpath officers play behind the scenes to protect the path network and ensure it is the best it can be for all of us who love to follow it.

The Rutland Round

14 September 2021 by Sophia Khan

How one Ramblers volunteer was the driving force behind transforming Rutland’s paths from ‘pretty rubbish’ to ‘some of the finest in the country’

Mountains and blue sky.

Mindful walking and your connection with nature

30 August 2021 by Dr Jade Elizabeth

Ever wondered why you feel a sense of ease when you are out in nature, or when you take a deep breath of fresh air you feel as your mind has cleared and notice that the problem you have not been able to figure out suddenly makes sense? Ramblers #WalkYourWay Ambassador, Dr jade Eizabeth, shares her 5 favourite ways to hike more mindfully.

Tree path

Could we see hundreds of thousands of more trees planted across England

25 August 2021 by Alison Hallas

The England Trees Action Plan sets out how the government intends to meet its target of planting 30,000 hectares of trees a year across the UK by 2025

Cotswold Way waymarker

Cotswold Way at 50

23 August 2021 by Natalie Hoare

The Cotswold Way passed its 50th anniversary on Sunday 17 May 2020, at the height of the pandemic. Gloucestershire Ramblers are helping to organise postponed celebrations during September.

A small bird singing

Can clearing paths boost wildlife?

23 August 2021 by Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

Britain’s landscapes have been shaped by humans for thousands of years. Livestock grazing, coppicing and even path maintenance can all play a role in protecting important wildlife habitats.

Row of stone cottages

A different side to walking

24 June 2021 by Kate Davis, delivery officer at the Ramblers

When arthritis threatened to stop walk leader Chris in his tracks, he was worried he was going to have to stop walking. But, during the pandemic, he realised that it’s the experience – not the mileage – that’s the most important thing to him.

The perfect packed lunch for a ramble - my way!

09 June 2021 by Sally Prosser

This summer the Ramblers are inviting us all to get out and explore the great outdoors with the #WalkYourWay campaign. There is no one right way to ramble, but if you follow me on social media, you will notice that walking my way usually revolves around food and a good cup of tea!

Large group of people together on top of a large hill

Old allies rekindle the campaign for national parks

02 June 2021 by Tompion Platt

Looking back at the 70th anniversary of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside (1949) Act and the campaigners who made it happen.

Row of colourful beach huts

Britain's beautiful beach huts

25 May 2021 by Karen Averby

A quintessential symbol of the British seaside, beach huts are cute painted sheds that have a loyal and devoted following. Buildings historian Karen Averby gives a historical overview of these quirky buildings and reveals some of the more unusual ones to see.

A woman swimming in a river

Beginner’s guide to wild swimming

25 May 2021 by Daniel Start

Where can you legally go wild swimming? How do you find the best spots? And how can I avoid getting into trouble? Follow our expert’s advice to find out. By Daniel Start

Archive image of Tom Stephenson

Tom Stephenson

24 May 2021 by Roly Smith

This former Ramblers secretary, journalist and walkers’ rights champion is credited with founding the first National Trail and much more besides. Find out more in this extract from Walking Class Heroes, in which the lives of 20 pioneers of the Right to Roam are examined. By Roly Smith.

Four older people walking along a beach

Ramblers’ remedy: A dose of coast

24 May 2021 by Dr Nick Summerton

Britain’s varied coastal environments offer many health-boosting benefits, latest research confirms, but it’s something our ancestors recognised too. By Dr Nick Summerton

A dolphin jumping from the water

Seaside wildlife spectacles

24 May 2021 by Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

As an island nation, we’re blessed with an incredible wealth of wildlife, not least around our coast. Here are just some of the summer highlights to look for.

Heading back to Crickhowell

Paths for People: community, nature and landscape on the footpaths of South Wales

17 May 2021 by Robert Mathlin

​A research project for Ramblers Cymru to understand the impact of walking projects on communities through reflections from sensory experiences

Four landscapes

New green routes all across Greater Manchester

30 April 2021 by Alan Manning

We have made a great start in Greater Manchester to increase spaces to walk, but more needs to be done

A young girl and woman, outdoors

The Perfect Stile

20 April 2021 by Kate Davis, delivery officer at the Ramblers

Wendy and daughter Kathleen are keen walkers and used some of their time in lockdown figuring out what makes the perfect stile. Kathleen is dyspraxic so stiles can act as barriers to the enjoying the countryside.

Will your new MSPs support Scotland's outdoors?

12 April 2021 by Helen Todd

During the 2021 Holyrood campaign period we’d love Ramblers members and others who enjoy the outdoors to help spread the messages in Scottish Outdoor Recreation Alliance's joint Manifesto for the Outdoors.

A team of men installing a gate

Maintaining paths for everyone: Ramblers’ BRAM Team volunteers

11 March 2021 by Keith Weller

When I retired, I was looking for something to get involved with... I remembered that, in my youth, I’d spent a couple of satisfying sessions with the Scouts clearing an overgrown pathway.

Two young people walking along a path surrounded by plants and grass

Did the Chancellor learn the lessons of lockdown?

04 March 2021 by Gemma Cantelo

Gemma Cantelo, Ramblers’ head of policy and advocacy, reflects on the Chancellor’s 2021 Budget statement – and whether it delivers for walking.

Vintage colour photo of children descending a path far above a valley

Walking Offa’s Dyke 50 years ago

23 February 2021 by Sian Evans

Sian Evans was eight years old when she and her family walked the 285km/177-mile length of the Offa’s Dyke Path a year after it opened. As the National Trail marks its 50th birthday, she and her family share some of the memories of this long-distance family adventure.

Black and white photo of a man sitting beside a rock

Walking Class Heroes – GHB ‘Bert’ Ward (1876-1957)

23 February 2021 by Roly Smith

GHB Ward was a walkers’ rights campaigner who founded the Sheffield Clarion Ramblers, considered to be the first working class walking group. This is the third excerpt from the recent book Walking Class Heroes, in which the lives of 20 pioneers of the Right to Roam are examined. 

A path running through a snowdrop filled landscape

The power of forest bathing

23 February 2021 by Dr Nick Summerton

The decades-old Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku is becoming increasingly popular in the western world for good reason. Spending more times in nature – especially among trees – can work wonders on our physical and mental health.

A willow warbler singing from a branch

The soundtrack of spring

23 February 2021 by Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

The warming temperatures and lengthening days switch male songbirds into one-man-bands as they establish and defend territories and seek to woo a mate. This welcome sign of spring is about so much more than a celebration of the season for birds.

A group of people standing on top of a rock, high in the mountains

Finding my community in the outdoors

19 February 2021 by Lahari Parchuri

I definitely wanted to meet new people and to build new friendships. In hindsight, I don't think I realised how much of a motivation this was for joining the Ramblers. And now, all my best friends are from the group, we socialise a lot outside of the walks, and it's fantastic to be a part of it. Read Lahari's story.

A large group of young adults outdoors, posing for a photo

Empowering the next generation to explore the great outdoors

08 February 2021 by Tanne Spielman

At the Ramblers, we believe everyone, no matter what age or background, should have the chance to discover the joy of walking in the great outdoors. And that’s exactly what the brilliant ‘Out There Award’ that is delivered by Ramblers Scotland is all about.

walkers near tree

Securing a better future for public access to nature

26 January 2021 by Stephen Russell

The Environment Bill is due to return for debate in the House of Commons. This is one of the final opportunities for MPs to scrutinise the Government’s plans for the environment outside of the EU.

Women at sunrise by the sea

Savouring the glow

22 January 2021 by Lisa Wells

Wandering along the sandy beach with the sun setting in front of me, I was reminded that I don’t just walk to exercise the dogs. I walk for me and the peace I feel by simply putting one foot in front of the other.

In this blog, sunset chaser and Ramblers #walkinwinter ambassador, Lisa Wells, talks about what savouring the glow in winter means to her.

Tree in snowy Dartmoor.

From Dubai to Dartmoor

22 January 2021 by Sally Prosser

Not only have I survived being outdoors in December in the UK, I’ve relished every ramble during this allegedly Spartan time of the year. Being led on new routes to different places is one of the things I value most about being with Tavistock Ramblers. However, revisiting lanes, tracks, fields and tors during this striking season brings a new perspective.

A woman in front of a river, sitting on a fence, smiling

Finding joy and wellbeing in the hills and on the beaches of Yorkshire: Walk in Winter

16 December 2020 by Jo Moseley

Walking and hiking for me have always been about belonging and connection, to a place, to my family and more recently to my purpose and midlife wellbeing.

Several people, outdoors, holding up Don't Lose Your Way posters

A year of campaigning success

15 December 2020 by Olly Hicks-Pattison

Despite the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, our work protecting and improving our ability to access and enjoy the outdoors hasn’t stopped. Here are ten standout milestones we achieved together this year.

Train walks gnoll country park

Getting to know some of Wales's lesser known walking destinations by train

11 December 2020 by Oliver Wicks

Working at Ramblers Cymru is filled with opportunities to head out and explore new places. One option I’d not really considered in my walking life though was how the railway could also bring places to life across Wales.

Member satisfaction survey results

07 December 2020 by The Ramblers

Getting ready for walking in winter

01 December 2020 by Helen Todd

Helen on how to survive walking the hills in winter with the right planning, equipment and of course spare pockets filled with bags of nuts, chocolate and flapjack bars!

Hill-bagging: Know your lists

26 November 2020 by Phoebe Smith

Can’t tell your Grahams from your Donalds? Muddling your Munros and your Marilyns? If you’re perplexed by the excessive classifications of Britain’s peaks and hills then walk this way to become an instant expert…

An older woman, standing by a gate, smiling

Walking Class Heroes – Kate Ashbrook

26 November 2020 by Roly Smith

A life-long campaigner for public paths and open spaces and a firm fixture at the Ramblers, Kate Ashbrook was particularly active in seeing the CROW Bill through Parliament. This is the second excerpt from the new book Walking Class Heroes, in which the lives of 20 pioneers of the Right to Roam are examined.

Two people with a dog, looking out at a view

Walk faster, stay younger

26 November 2020 by Dr Nick Summerton

One way to boost the health benefits to be gained from walking is to quicken your pace. Those who regularly exceed three miles per hour have better brain function, according to recent research. Here’s how to increase your speed.

A red grouse poking its head out of the heather

At home in the hills

26 November 2020 by Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

A look at some of the hardy creatures that call Great Britain’s hills and mountains their home.

20th Anniversary of the freedom to roam in England and Wales

26 November 2020 by Guest blogger

The freedom to roam offers the opportunity to get out, explore and connect with nature. We campaigned for decades for this right across some of our wildest landscapes as part of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act. As we reflect 20 years later, we’ve asked Stuart Maconie and others what the freedom to roam has meant to them.

pavement parking

Why it is time to ban pavement parking

16 November 2020 by Matt Strong

Pavement parking is a major barrier to walking in residential areas, it's time to ban it.

Seafront walk no traffic

Put Walkers First In The Highway Code

23 October 2020 by Matt Strong

The Ramblers have backed a UK Government consultation that proposes changes to the Highway Code which would make the roads safer for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

canal walk

Healthy Homes Bill will build better places for walking

02 October 2020 by Kate Conto

When was the last time you left your home to go for a walk? The chances are that you encountered obstacles that made your walk more difficult or unpleasant.

Walking in nature

Why nobody should live more than five minutes' walk from green space

21 September 2020 by Matt Strong

In this blog, Matt Strong, explores why access to green spaces matters, and why we believe that nobody should live more than five minutes walk from green space

Walking in nature

Ending unequal access to nature and green space

21 September 2020 by Stephen Russell

People on low incomes and those who identify as being from a BAME background are less likely to have access to their own garden, and are less likely to have green space within a five-minute walk of their home. The Environment Bill gives us an opportunity to change this.

Finding our place to be in the great outdoors

09 September 2020 by Eli Bishop

In this blog, Ramblers #FeelMore Ambassador Eli Bishop explores the Forest of Dean Ramblers Beechenhurst Trail and shares what finding her place in the great outdoors means to her.

Four people walking and talking, on a park path

Now is the time for a Healthy Homes Act

08 September 2020 by Jack Dangerfield, Projects Assistant at TCPA

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) Healthy Homes Bill guarantees minimum housing standards, and help the government deliver on its commitment to create beautiful, successful, places.

Find your place to be to win a Go Pro from Cotswold Outdoor!

01 September 2020 by Nichola Carroll

Join in the #FeelMore social media challenge for a chance to win a Go Pro from Cotswold Outdoor!

On the right track with the Ramblers app

30 August 2020 by Gordon Chalk

Our Ramblers Routes collection has enabled people to walk during the Covid-19 pandemic. New Ramblers member Gordon Chalk explains how he is discovering the North East of England on foot, accessing walk routes on the Ramblers app.

Helen Grover with signpost

Revelling in nature, guided by Ramblers Routes

28 August 2020 by Helen Grover

New Ramblers member Helen Grover shares how she takes time out to enjoy walking the South Downs with her father, making regular use of the Ramblers Routes app.

Reconnecting with nature and each other again

28 August 2020 by Dr Anjana Khatwa

Ramblers #FeelMore Ambassador, Anjana, has been enjoying getting out on lots of family walks with her three children after the months of lockdown. In this blog, however, Anjana explores being able to get off the beaten track, enjoy the silence of nature and enjoy some valued time with her partner away from the little ones , with the help of the Ramblers app!

What do we want? Nature!

27 August 2020 by Gemma Cantelo

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our relationship with nature and the outdoors. Gemma Cantelo, the Ramblers’ head of policy and advocacy, reflects on what we’ve learnt.

Enjoy the silence

Join in the #FeelMore summer challenge for a chance to win prizes from Cotswold Outdoor!

23 August 2020 by Nichola Carroll

Join in the #FeelMore social media challenge this summer for a chance to win prizes from Cotswold Outdoor!

Broadening your horizons with Ramblers Routes

21 August 2020 by Mary Gough

Ramblers Routes is an ever-growing, online collection of inspiring routes by walkers, for walkers. Mary Gough, one of the Ramblers’ dedicated team of volunteer route developers, explains how a walk route is created.

Hawthorn berries

Really wild recipes

20 August 2020 by Dave Hamilton

Follow walk magazine’s Masterclass to foraging and then create a delicious snack or meal with these top wild food recipes.

A man speaking in to a microphone

Walking Class Heroes – Terry Howard

20 August 2020 by Roly Smith

This is the first of a series of excerpts from the forthcoming book Walking Class Heroes, in which the lives of 20 pioneers of the Right to Roam are examined. First up is Sheffield access campaigner Terry Howard.

Etching of a man addressing a room of people

Ramblers remedy: learning from the Romans

20 August 2020 by Dr Nick Summerton

Britain is blessed with ruins from Roman times and spending time amongst them might have positive benefits for our wellbeing and be the perfect antidote to stress.

A bird sitting among berries

Winged foragers & secret snackers

20 August 2020 by Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

Scan local hedgerows and bushes this autumn to see a range of birds, mammals and insects tucking into Autumn’s berry buffet – a vital energy source to many species.

Embrace the elements

Embrace the Elements for a chance to win prizes from Cotswold Outdoor!

18 August 2020 by Nichola Carroll

Join in the #FeelMore social media challenge this summer for a chance to win prizes from Cotswold Outdoor!

A smiling woman, outdoors

Navigating the pandemic path

11 August 2020 by Kate Ashbrook

In early March, I was lucky enough to be at Ramblers’ Scottish Council. It was the last major Ramblers event before coronavirus was declared a pandemic

Join in the #FeelMore summer challenge for a chance to win prizes from Cotswold Outdoor!

10 August 2020 by Nichola Carroll

Join in the #FeelMore social media challenge this summer for a chance to win prizes from Cotswold Outdoor!

A big vision from Government – but is it big enough?

06 August 2020 by Kate Conto

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the enormous value of green routes and spaces for walking in our towns and cities.

walking local windfarm

Exploring my 'milltir sgwar' during lockdown

03 August 2020 by Oliver Wicks

Ramblers Cymru Walking Spaces Officer Olie was at a bit of a loss when he realised he wasn't going to be able to travel to go walking , so during lockdown he decided to discover his 'milltir sgwar' (local area).

Join in the #FeelMore summer challenge for a chance to win prizes from Cotswold Outdoor!

03 August 2020 by Nichola Carroll

Join in the #FeelMore social media challenge this summer for a chance to win prizes from Cotswold Outdoor!

A woman outdoors, with a jacket on with the hood up

Finding my feet in my new home, with the Ramblers

24 July 2020 by Sam Duffy

How joining the Ramblers, soon after moving to Manchester, provided support, information and friendships to confidently explore a new neighbourhood under lockdown, and start to feel like home.

Coast path

Walk this way: how we can all roam responsibly

30 June 2020 by Gemma Cantelo

As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions slowly ease across the nations of Great Britain, walkers everywhere can help protect the green spaces we love, ensuring they can be open for safe, responsible walking

Lockdown Diaries: Getting fit for the hills

22 June 2020 by Ramblers Scotland president Lucy Wallace

In her final Lockdown Diary, Ramblers Scotland president Lucy Wallace helps ensure that we're ready for a phased return to walking, by sharing top tips on getting ready for the hills again.

Path maintenance volunteers

Your countryside needs you - now more than ever

08 June 2020 by Kate Ashbrook and Crispin Truman

This year, Volunteers’ Week (June 1-7) comes at one of the most challenging moments in recent times. in a join blog with CPRE, we want to take the opportunity to say thank you for all you do. We wouldn’t be here without you and we need you now more than ever.

Lucy's Lockdown Diaries: Sprucing Up Outdoor Gear

05 June 2020 by Ramblers Scotland president Lucy Wallace

Ramblers Scotland president and outdoor instructor Lucy Wallace helps us get ready for our phased return to walking by guiding us through her kit DIY routine.

The challenge of a lifetime

02 June 2020 by Andrew Wakelin

Despite a rare muscle disease diagnosis, Andrew Wakelin set himself the challenge of walking 210 miles across Wales. Ten years on, this walk has inspired hundreds of other sufferers of the condition to enjoy an annual walking holiday together

Scouring your local patch for wildlife

02 June 2020 by Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

Urban wasteland, pavement cracks and roadside verges can all harbour wildlife – if we just take the time to take a closer look.

Hidden volunteers

01 June 2020 by Rachel Bayley

What is the first thing you think when you think of volunteers? Maybe it's all those people who volunteered at the Olympic Games or all those people out helping their neighbours during the current pandemic. Rachael Bayley, director of Operations and Volunteering, shares her thoughts when asked this question.

Ramblers remedy Walking through uncertainty

01 June 2020 by Dr Nick Summerton

In a new regular online column, Dr Nick Summerton examines the toll the pandemic has taken on many people`s mental wellbeing and outlines how walking really can help us to get through difficult times

Lucy's Lockdown Diaries: Neighbourhood Watch

26 May 2020 by Ramblers Scotland president Lucy Wallace

Lucy Wallace invites us to join her as she checks in on the communities of wildlife near her home – and guides us through some of the species we can all try to spot on our own #RoamSweetHome walks.

Walking through grief

15 May 2020 by Jess Borham

In these past two weeks that I have come to fully understand and appreciate the role walking in nature plays on my personal happiness. I knew it before, but now I really feel it. Jess describes how walking has helped her through the grief of losing her dad one week before lockdown.

Walking and cycling improvements around the UK and the world

15 May 2020 by Olly Hicks-Pattison

Since the start of the lockdown across the world there have been growing calls to help with physical distancing for those walking and cycling, including measures such as widened footways, pop up-cycle lanes, and car-free walking and cycling streets.

Top 10 outdoors TV Shows for lockdown

Bring the outdoors indoors, with some inspirational TV shows

15 May 2020 by Brân Devey

Brân Devey, engagement and communications manager at Ramblers Cymru, is back with a selection of TV shows for the final installment of his favourite outdoor-themed entertainment to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

How walkers can stay healthy and happy with good nutrition during lockdown

01 May 2020 by Matt Lambert - World Cancer Research Fund nutritionist

With most of us spending a lot of time at home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and potentially with more time on our hands, it’s now even more important to eat well and continue to keep active to help keep us in good health.

Adventures at home

24 April 2020 by Olly Hicks-Pattison

For the past year I have been planning for six months of adventure. These plans are now on hold and for the foreseeable future I’m not allowed out of a one bedroom flat in Hackney. It might be an understatement to say that this is not how I saw my summer unfolding!

Podcast listening

Audio escapism, with some inspirational podcasts

24 April 2020 by Brân Devey

Brân Devey, engagement and communications manager at Ramblers Cymru has teamed up with his colleague Paula Renzel for this selection of podcasts for the latest installment of his favourite outdoor-themed entertainment to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Lucy's Lockdown Diaries: Nature's Party

23 April 2020 by Ramblers Scotland president Lucy Wallace

As part of our #RoamSweetHome campaign, Ramblers Scotland president Lucy Wallace is sharing her Lockdown Diaries. In her latest blog, Lucy explains how she's been finding calm and hope amid the COVID-19 pandemic, by delighting in the colourful turning of the seasons during her local exercise.

Join us for a solo walk, together, every Wednesday

21 April 2020 by Nichola Carroll

Whether you’re getting your steps in on your stairs, your garden or your neighbourhood streets, we’re inviting walkers all across the country to ‘join us’ for a solo walk, together, every Wednesday lunchtime followed by a Tea and cake at 2pm social (on social media), in true Ramblers style.

Top 10 documentaries blog image

Bring the outdoors indoors, with some inspirational documentaries

17 April 2020 by Brân Devey

Brân Devey, engagement and communications manager at Ramblers Cymru, is back with a selection of documentaries for the latest installment of his favourite outdoor-themed entertainment to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

How To Properly Store Your Kit

16 April 2020 by Cotswold Outdoor

Here’s some advice on caring for your kit from our friends at Cotswold Outdoor

Great Walking Quiz

Get ready for the Ramblers Great Walking Quiz!

14 April 2020 by Nicky Teegan

Join us for the Ramblers Great Walking Quiz on Friday 24 of April at 5.30pm

Social isolation and a personal crisis, ten years ago

14 April 2020 by Helen Todd

As part of our #RoamSweetHome campaign, Ramblers Scotland policy manager reveals how a health crisis forced her into a form of social isolation a decade ago, and how she maintained her physical and mental wellbeing when her access to the hills suddenly came to a halt.

A bowl of popcorn, on a seat

Bring the outdoors indoors, with some inspirational films

09 April 2020 by Brân Devey

Brân Devey, engagement and communications manager at Ramblers Cymru, has been busy putting together a list of his favourite outdoor-themed entertainment to enjoy from the comfort of home and help keep us going until we’re all able to get back out into the Great Outdoors.

Lucy's Lockdown Diaries: Lift That Litter

09 April 2020 by Ramblers Scotland president Lucy Wallace

As part of our #RoamSweetHome campaign, Ramblers Scotland president Lucy Wallace is sharing her Lockdown Diaries - this time looking at how we can enrich ourselves and our environments by safely litter-picking during daily exercise.

Roam Sweet Home

Look around, look up, look forward

03 April 2020 by Dr Nick Summerton

Dr Nick Summerton is a GP in Yorkshire, public health physician and a Ramblers member. He is Walk magazine’s medical expert, and is making the most of walking daily close to home.


Keeping active at home  

27 March 2020 by Nicky Teegan

Keen walker and Ramblers membership officer, Nicky gives tips on how to keep active at home.


Staying active at home with kids

26 March 2020 by Jade Deeley

On day 11 of self-isolation as a family with two children under four, Jade, senior fundraiser at the Ramblers talks about her experience of staying active in the home with kids and why it is so important to keep moving for our mental and physical health during this challenging time.

Private land sign

The law on trespass

03 March 2020 by Elaine Webb

The Ramblers doesn’t want to see the erosion of people’s rights to access and enjoy the countryside on the back of a Home Office consultation on strengthening police powers to deal with unauthorised encampments.


Our own history is everywhere on a country ramble

28 February 2020 by John Bainbridge

We all use paths to access the countryside, whether we consider ourselves ramblers or just use them as somewhere to walk the dog. Or sometimes as a short-cut, the easiest way to get from one place to another. We may well notice our surroundings, the places we walk through, but how many of us consider just why the path is there, why it even exists? Ramblers volunteer and social historian, John Bainbridge, tells us the histories of our paths.

A person looking out at a valley with text Wished/Contract/Ghosts

‘Three unique words’ map

26 February 2020 by Bob Cockshott

What3Words has divided the globe into 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique three-word code. As more groups adopt the mapping software for their walks, Rambler and Royal Institute of Navigation fellow Bob Cockshott considers the system’s advantages over alphanumerical coordinates.

Going the distance

26 February 2020 by Roy Emes

When one man joined the Ramblers a decade ago, he couldn’t possibly have imagined quite how much it would change his life. Or that he’d clock up 20,000 miles.

A bird sitting up high in a tree, looking out

Mapping wildlife networks

26 February 2020 by Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

By mapping and connecting every bit of wild habitat, from historic paths and forests, to pocket parks and urban street trees, we can stem to loss of biodiversity and enjoy more interactions with nature.

Two friends on a walk

Better access to nature makes us kinder to the environment – why we need greener urban spaces

16 January 2020 by Kate Conto

New research published by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health at the University of Exeter has found that people who have access to nature in cities are much more likely to behave in environmentally friendly ways.

General election - Party manifestos

03 December 2019 by Stephen Russell

As we enter into the final few weeks of the general election campaign, policy and advocacy officer, Stephen Russell rounds up the parties’ pledges that could impact on walking and the places we love to walk.

Two people opening a gate that leads to a view of mountains and snow

The Battle for the Cambrian Way

27 November 2019 by Richard Tyler

The 298-mile/480km Cambrian Way from Cardiff to Conway through the spine of Wales, was devised by long-time Ramblers stalwart Tony Drake MBE who encountered considerable and enduring opposition for it to gain official recognition. It is a story that is almost as exciting as the trail itself.

Family walking.

Ten tempting trails

27 November 2019 by Stephen Davies

From a crisp winter amble along the Grand Union canal in Edinburgh and a tramp among giant redwoods, to views across the Wye Valley, there are some lovely walks to enjoy along Sustrans’ 16,000-mile network of signed paths.

A small bird on a branch with red berries around

A wintery walk on the wild side

26 November 2019 by Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

Hedgerows laden with berries are a draw for robins, thrushes, redwings and fieldfares at this time of year - and watch out for animal tracks in the landscape while out walking. By Tom Hibbert, The Wildlife Trusts

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