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Like many of you I have been known to shout at the TV occasionally, especially when the news is on, but this particular report not only got me shouting, but has also inspired me to try and do something about it. The report in question is the latest research which shows that half of 7 year olds do not exercise enough.

This is storing up a whole pile of trouble for the future largely because we become less active as we get older rather than more so. So what can I do about it?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t all that great at listening to what adults told me when I was little so I thought that rather than me keep banging on about what a great place the outdoors is, I’d round up some kids who love the great outdoors and maybe they will inspire others to get out there and have some fun!

I asked my friends to send me a photo of their kids enjoying the outdoors and a “postcard”, written by the adventurer themselves, about what made it so much fun. I’m hoping this will become a series of blogs full of “postcards” of adventures, so if you’d like to contribute please contact me at But for now, sit back and enjoy the adventures so far…

Lu, aged 9

I like going around the Dene looking for wild plants and fungi, it's cool seeing all the different things that grow wild. I like walking the dog on the River Tyne: I liked splashing in the water with the dog and getting covered in mud. I visited a waterfall in the lakes: It was cool climbing on the rocks and getting up close to the waterfall - it's seriously really fun.

Alex S, aged 8

I really liked going to see the waterfalls. There was lots of pools we put our hands in and the water was really cold. It was quite a long walk, some of it was really high up. We saw people jumping off the top of the waterfall. One of them was really scared but then he jumped and he was happy! Some of the waterfalls were very loud.

Joe B, aged 8

We loved going to Devon to see our Grandma, we walked miles, climbed trees and had picnics on the beach. When I was little my grandma used to leave little presents from the pixies so that I would walk further. Being out in the fresh air is very good for you.

Lisa, aged 6

This is me on the grass by the beach. I had just learned to ride my bike. I'm awesome! I fell down a few times, but then I got up and brushed myself off and I just didn't want to stop. It was so much fun. I love riding my bike. I love that I can do it.

Gracie, aged 5 (nearly 6!)

Wish you were here with me at "Raby castle" I’ve had a great time exploring the beautiful Castle and gardens, it's brilliant !!!!!! and I could imagine being a princess here in the old days x (PS I hope you are admiring the view behind me!)

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