Ally Mac: pre-walk energy balls recipe

Fuelling us through that next hike across the hilltops, raw food writer Ally Mac shares her recipe for energy balls...

The energy balls are perfect for anyone who is out and about for a few hours on either a walk, run or long journey. They are the perfect size to slip into your jacket and once you get to the halfway point on your trek or feel the need for a bit more energy before you hit a hill... it's energy ball time!

They are filled with superfoods and nutrients which automatically give your body a boost that you will feel working straight away, and they are perfect for those who get a bit grumpy before meals too! Ingredients for energy balls can really vary but I would use a few chestnuts and an apple base by crushing chestnuts and chopping up an apple into tiny chunks to add a little extra local zing.

Alternatively you could use rosehip berries which are usually available in the winter months! Their buds can be reduced to a syrup and added to your mix for a sweeter taste. They also make scrummy jams and jellies! 

Energy Balls 

Ingredients: makes 25-30 energy balls

  • Two cups of almonds
  • Two squishy ripe bananas
  • Two cups of Mejdool dates
  • 1/2 cup of ground flaxseed
  • Three tbsp of Maca Powder
  • Three tbsp of Chia Seeds


Whizz your almonds in a blender for a couple of minutes or until you get a fluffy almond flour consistency. Add your dates (make sure that there are no stones in your Medjool dates). Add your squishy bananas, flax seeds, maca and chia and pulse. Once your mix looks sticky and blended well, you’re ready to roll it out!
Place a little bit of the energy mix into your palm and roll into a ball. The fun part is coating your energy balls with all sorts of superfoods like chia, soaked goji berries, maca, Coconom sugar (coconut based sugar) or fresh coconut shavings! Yummmeeee! Cool in the fridge for a couple of hours (if you can resist...) I had trouble restraining myself and had to try one of each as I was ready for them after a long yoga session. NB: If your not a fan of banana, you can add an avocado and a dash of maple syrup instead! The flavour is magical!

The healthy facts:

We all know that bananas and almonds are so good for you with all of their awesome health-enhancing vitamins and minerals!
The magic sprinkling ingredient in these balls is maca, a superfood powder made from a Peruvian root. Maca gives you the best energy boost! I use it in my daily smoothies and juices!

The best thing about maca is that it gives the most amazing energy boost, which is why it’s so perfect in these balls. These energy balls are just perfect for on-the-go snacking! I usually take a couple with me when I am out and about during the day and feel totally boosted within minutes!

Ally Mac is a lover of health foods and clean eating with a vision of spreading love with simple and unique healthy eating. Find out more about Ally.

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