Capturing what enchants me in the woods

The woods are probably my favourite place to go walking. And autumn is definitely my favourite time of year to head out amongst the trees; crisp leaves rustle, twigs crack and the waning sun paints amazing patterns on the woodland floor.

I am lucky to have a number of small areas of woodland that I can reach on foot from my home, and I spend countless hours during the autumn months wandering the footpaths that bisect these islands of wildness in the sea of arable and livestock rearing country that surround them and my house.

As a budding amateur videographer, I decided to take my camera along with me on some on my rambling trips to the woods this autumn, to try and capture what it is about the woods that so enchants me at this time of year. 

Although it sounds incredibly anti-social, I usually head out – and prefer – to walk on my own. This however does pose some challenges when filming, with ‘self-filming’ being a notoriously time consuming and sometimes frustrating process. There is a lot of walking away from and back to the camera, and plenty of discarded shots when you realise that the focus isn’t quite right!

That being said, putting this video together has been a really enjoyable process and I am very pleased to have the chance to share some of the highlights from my walks in the woods this autumn.

Here’s to autumn.  Enjoy!

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