Member satisfaction survey results

Member satisfaction survey: an overview of what you’ve told us 

In the autumn, we launched our Ramblers member satisfaction survey and since then, we’ve been reviewing the responses.  Thank you to all of you who have taken part; we’ve received over 4,400 responses.  

The feedback will help us understand how much you value your Ramblers membership and where we can improve. 

We asked which member benefits you are satisfied with most:

  • 80% of you indicated that you were happy with our Walk magazine
  • 79% with our group walks 
  • and 64% with special discounts and offers. 

76% of you gave a positive response to the question “I care passionately about the work of the Ramblers”. 

75% gave a positive response to the question “I am satisfied with how the Ramblers interacts with me” and again 75% to the question “I trust the Ramblers to use my money wisely and deliver its mission”.  

We’ve learned that nearly three quarters of you took part in Ramblers group walks in the last year. And of those who didn’t, 70% said they prefer self-guided walks (including our Ramblers Routes).  

70% of you feel happy with how we supported you during the Covid-19 pandemic and 77% were happy with the emails and other communications received from us during this difficult time.  

We’ve also received some lovely feedback and would like to share some of it anonymously here: 

“During these times with Covid-19, and living alone, the Ramblers have been like a lifeline for me and a much needed and welcomed one.” 

“I admire the work you are doing to protect footpaths and will continue to support this.” 

It was also valuable to receive your feedback about things that didn’t work so well, and we’ll be addressing those issues over the next year. Thank you once again if you’ve taken part. We really appreciate you support.