Savouring the glow

Women at sunrise by the sea

I’ve always thought that there was something magical about a sunrise or sunset, which is where my love, and ultimately my obsession began with chasing them.  Every single day of your life you get to watch the start of a new day; a whole day full of opportunities that only you can make happen.  Watching a sunset is completely different; its your chance to put a bad day to bed or smile as all the incredible new memories you made flash before your eyes.

My kitchen window looks out to the ocean and the sun sets into the sea every night. My family are accustomed to me preparing our evening meal, glancing out of the window, spotting the start of a gorgeous sunset and downing tools to sprint to the beach.  Evening meals are often put on hold in our house. Although, occasionally, the family will run to the beach with me which makes the sunset even more special.

I was recently asked why I walk so much. With two dogs, walking is as essential as breathing; it’s just something you do regardless of the time or the weather. Before lockdown, my dogs and I spent a lot of time on the mountains of Snowdonia; a whole day with no time restraints, where we could walk from sunrise to sunset, with nothing but nature and the weather for company. I’ve been missing our long mountain walks recently, so I've been setting aside some ‘me’ time. I always feel guilty about this though and really have to force myself to not do anything to do with work or housework.

I was sat reading one evening this week, when I noticed that the sky had turned a beautiful shade of pink. I knew catching the sunset on the beach would be cutting it fine before it completely disappeared, but I put my book down, laced up my trainers, threw my coat on and within minutes I was power walking down the road to the beach. Wandering along the sandy beach with the sun setting in front of me, I was reminded that I don’t just walk to exercise the dogs. I walk for me, and for the peace I feel by simply putting one foot in front of the other.

Women taking a selfie in bobble hat outsideWe all know how much getting outside benefits our physical health, and it’s vital to remember our mental wellbeing is just as important. With our busy lives and especially with the shorter and darker days in winter, it can be difficult to fit some time outside into your day, but I have found that taking just half an hour to get out and savour any winter sun we do get helps a lot!

Setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier, filling a flask with your morning cup of coffee and walking to a park or an open space to catch the sunrise close to your home is a perfect way to set yourself up for the day. A sunset is just as lovely and takes less planning, allowing you to amble slowly with a mug of hot chocolate, and relax and unwind at the end of the day.

The beauty of it, is that whether you’re a sunrise or sunset lover, you really don’t need to go high or travel far - they're just around the corner waiting for us every single day (although occasionally weather dependant here in the UK!). Why not try catch one for yourself this week? Grab your boots, take time to savour the glow and notice how you feel. 

I'd love to see your local sunrise and sunset shots. Tag me (@lisawells00) and @ramblersgb in your #walkinwinter photos! 

This winter wrap up warm, embrace the elements and savour time spent in the great outdoors. #walkinwinter.

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