Helen Todd

Helen Todd on Sg an Lochan Uaine 

Despite coming from Cheshire, I’m never happier than when I’m amongst mountains, a legacy, perhaps, of my childhood, spent being dragged around Wales, Scotland, the Lake District and the Pennines by my father, who was from Yorkshire and loved the hills too.

I lived abroad for 15 years but have barely left Scotland since I arrived in Edinburgh in 2001. There’s just so much to explore and it’s a fantastic country if you like the outdoors. Edinburgh has all the attractions of a major cultural centre and historic capital city, yet there are deserted sandy beaches and rolling green hills just half an hour away. If you want adventure, you can have a wild mountain experience in the West Highlands and still be home for your tea!

I’m a mildly-obsessive Munro-bagger but also recognise that other hills are available. I’m equally happy exploring places on my bicycle.

Helen Todd is campaigns & policy manager at Ramblers Scotland. You can follow her on twitter @helenrambler. 


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I’m never happier than when I’m amongst mountains.

Helen Todd