Tiger Bay Ramblers celebrate 10 years

Tiger Bay Ramblers

Tiger Bay Ramblers (TBR) celebrated their 10th anniversary on 20 August 2011 with a fantastic party at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff.

Over 100 people attended (both existing and prospective members). When asked why they joined one person said

'I used to go regularly to the gym but found everyone was in their own world with headphones on, a friend told me about TBR and I tried it and loved it. We have great walks across, Wales, UK and indeed Europe. I love the social side, weekly cinema programme, meals out. I'm fitter than ever and there's nothing like being out in the fresh air to make you feel great.’

TBR a 20-30s plus group offers regular weekly walks and for members they organise Walking Weekends Away, Walking Holidays, and lots of social activities too. They are a friendly bunch of people and currently have over 200 members.

This is the fastest growing Ramblers group in GB. Extremely well organised, experienced leaders and lots of fun. If you would like to give it a go visit their website www.tigerbayramblers.org.uk.