Are our roads safe enough for walkers?

Walkers on a road

If you regularly walk on roads, you can share your views about road safety in Britain by taking part in a survey being run by Brake, the road safety charity.

Have your say on traffic and speed limits in your local area and share your experiences of walking on roads – including if you have ever been hit by a vehicle when out walking – by taking part in the online survey by 11 October.

Brake runs a Road Safety Week every year and campaigns for safer roads for walkers, cyclists and runners, aiming to to prevent casualties and enable people to lead active lifestyles without being endangered by traffic.

The charity is looking for walkers’ views in the run up to Road Safety Week this November, when communities, schools and businesses will be encouraged to promote road safety through talks, events and campaigning activities.

We support safe walking and always encourage walkers to follow the Highway Code. Rules for pedestrians, including how to cross roads safely and what to do when there is no pavement available, can be found at