Summer evenings on foot

Summer Evening Walks

Ramblers walking groups across Britain will be making the most of the longer July days by putting on a programme of open-to-all evening walks throughout the month.

Our annual Summer Evening Walks festival is the perfect opportunity to unwind at the end of the day and explore the footpaths where you live or work on foot while taking advantage of the lighter evenings during British Summer Time.

Over 400 tailor-made walks will take place across England, Scotland and Wales with gentle 2-3 mile strolls, leisurely 4-5 mile ambles and a selection of walks up to 8 miles long for those looking for a more rigorous outing all on offer.

Led by experienced Ramblers Walk Leaders, the walks are ideal for solo walkers looking for the safety and social atmosphere of a group and are also a great excuse to get friends and family together for an active evening.

All walks start in the late afternoon or early evening allowing walkers to join in after work or other commitments. “By their nature evening walks are shorter, which also makes them perfect for newcomers” says Simon Barnett, Director of Walking Programmes and Promotions at the Ramblers.

Highlights include a sunset walk across Tennyson Down with the Isle of Wight Ramblers, a wander through Blenheim Park with the Bicester & Kidlington Ramblers and a walk along parts of the Cotswold and Windrush Ways with the Mid-Gloucestershire Ramblers.

Themed walks include a treasure hunt with the Tavistock Ramblers, a scarecrow walk with the North Kirklees Ramblers, a glow worm walk with the Amersham & District Ramblers and a pub walk with the Henley & Goring Ramblers.

Find a summer evening walk near you this July using out Group Walks Finder.