Make the most of summer with evening walks

Group of walkers

It may have been waxing and waning from heat waves to heavy showers recently but the good news is that the days are still long in August which means there’s still plenty of time to enjoy an evening walk near you this summer.

If you’re keen to fit in a short walk after a busy day there are nearly 800 walks under three miles on offer in our growing collection of downloadable walking routes which also features over 250 routes three to five miles long and 58 specially created evening and night walks.

All you need to do is register to have access to all our short walking routes under three miles. Ramblers member who have registered on the website get access to the full collection including longer walking routes.

If you’d prefer the company and social atmosphere of a group walk you could also join one of our walking groups for an evening stroll, with many walks starting after 6pm being run up and down the country this month.

Most walks are designed for Ramblers members, but non-members are welcome to a try out a few walks for free before joining and benefitting from our extensive walks programme of 45,000 walks across Britain every year.

“One of the real joys of summer is being able to make more of our evenings and get outdoors on foot,” says resident Ramblers blogger and Senior Policy Officer Eugene Suggett. “The longer days are a great incentive to get healthy and explore local walking opportunities”.