Good news for woodland walkers

Branch Out

The Government today announced its vision for the future of woodlands – and it’s good news for all those who enjoy a walk in the woods.

The Government Forestry and Woodland Policy Statement is in response to a report by the Independent Panel on Forestry, which was set up in 2011 due to the huge public outcry over the proposed sale of public woodland.

The Government has stated once and for all that public forests will not be sold off. The Government has also backed the Panel’s aspiration of a future where every person has access to a wood or wooded area close to where they live.

We have continually campaigned both for the protection of public woodland and for increased access to all woodland. This announcement is a huge success for the Ramblers and a result of over two years of campaigning to ensure that everyone can enjoy a walk in the woods. We will now be closely monitoring the Government’s progress on this to ensure that the aspiration’s in today’s report become a reality.

“Today’s announcement means we can finally breathe a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that our public woodlands will not be sold" said Benedict Southworth, Ramblers Chief Executive.

“However, the Ramblers campaign doesn’t end here" affirmed Benedict. "We will continue to work with government, local authorities and other stakeholders to ensure that the aspiration of everyone being able to access local woodland becomes a reality."