Advice for walkers as new plans to manage ash dieback announced

Walking in woodland

In light of new plans to manage ash dieback in the UK revealed by Defra, the advice for walkers remains the same – learn how to spot the disease, look out for signs of it, report any cases and follow advice on signs.

Chalara dieback of ash – known as ‘ash dieback’ – is a disease caused by the Chalara fraxinea fungus which affects ash trees and can lead to tree death. It was unknown in Britain until it was discovered in a nursery in Buckinghamshire in February 2012.

According to the Chalara Management Plan produced by Defra this month, clothing and footwear pose a low risk to the spread of the disease, so walkers can continue to enjoy woodland walks this spring. There are however still ways you can help:

The Forestry Commission has received 4,000 reports about the disease from the public, who have played an important role as extra eyes on the ground following the outbreak of the disease.

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