Climate change and “caged” children: Experts discuss future of the outdoors

Go all out Big Discussion event

Kathryn Cook of Fields in Trust is worried about ensuring everyone has easy and equal access to green spaces

This week experts from across the outdoor industry gathered to talk about the challenges facing the future of the great outdoors. Our 'Big Discussion' brought together charities, industry professionals and outdoor user groups to address the big issues.

Nikwax and Paramo founder, Nick Brown, spoke at the event and highlighted the issues he believed were going to have a big impact on people’s ability to enjoy the great outdoors, including the impact of abrupt climate change.

He also voiced his concerns that “caged” children no longer get to experience the freedom and adventure of the outdoors and about the aging population who currently care for and campaign to protect our great outdoors.

“We know that some Ramblers already help out at primary schools, which are the best places to grow a love for nature and the outdoors,” said Nick Brown. “We need to grow and encourage this interaction so that we can pass on the baton to a future generation of people who will champion our natural environment."

The event was part of our Go all out great outdoors debate, a conversation taking place across the country to find out what people think are the biggest challenges facing the great outdoors and what we can do to help make the outdoors great.

A variety of other issues were also raised, from the public not feeling they have the skills or confidence to explore the outdoors to the importance of getting children and young people active outside.

“It was great to bring together so many minds from across the outdoors sector to look at the big challenges ahead of us and start to look at how we can work together to find solutions” said Benedict Southworth, Ramblers Chief Executive.

“Go all out is all about engaging with everyone who uses the outdoors, from those who walk their dog in the local park to those who spend their weekends bagging munros, and finding out about the issues that really matter to them” he added.

Thousands of people have already had their say in the great outdoors debate by taking part in our online survey, taking to our volunteers or downloading a discussion kit to use with friends. Go all out and get involved in the debate on Twitter by following @RamblersGB.

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