Up hill and down dale

Walking in Edale

Walking in Edale in the Peak District

Feel like tackling a steep climb? Prefer a gentler stroll? Keen for a bit of variety? You can now check ascents and descents on Ramblers Routes using our route profile tool and know the lay of the land before you head out on your next walking adventure.

Knowing the profile of your route can help you choose a walk to suit your fitness level, walking experience or simply your mood. It can also give you an idea of what gear to take with you from what footwear to use to whether or not you might need walking poles.

The route profile tool is easy to use – you can scan a route’s profile graph to get an idea of the overall topography or move your mouse over the graph to find out the height at specific points along the way, with a pin tracking the route on the map above.

Route profile tool

The route profile tool is part of our on-going development of Ramblers Routes, our online library of downloadable walking routes which now features nearly 1500 high quality routes expertly created and checked by our volunteers.

Ramblers members who are registered on the website get access to full details of all the routes, including a detailed map, route description and the route profile, while registered non-members can access shorter, introductory routes.

Passionate about walking? Know what makes a great walking route?

We’re looking for walkers with an eye for detail to help quality-check our growing collection of Ramblers Routes, road testing them to make sure they’re easy to follow, inspiring and safe. It’s a great way to explore new places and give something back to walking!

To get involved choose from the list of routes available for checking and email us at ramblersroutes@ramblers.org.uk or register at www.ramblersroutes.org.