National Assembly for Wales brings in first Active Travel Act

Group walk in summer

Yesterday the National Assembly for Wales voted to bring into law the first Active Travel Act. The main aim of the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 is to make walking and cycling both easier and safer in Wales.

The Act will require all local authorities to map and publicise their active travel routes to encourage the public to make trips to work, school, or to exercise on two feet or two wheels rather than in the car.

Ramblers Cymru welcomes the Active Travel Act – which is considered to be a world first – and we see it as a positive step towards getting more people walking in Wales.

Breaking down the barriers to active travel is really important when trying to increase the numbers taking part. Improving the walking environment and allowing greater access to information are two vital components that this Act should help deliver.

We’ll continue to work to try and ensure that the particular needs of walkers are kept at the forefront of plans under the new legislation particularly when determining changes and improvements to our existing routes and when new routes are developed.